KIDS: DIY Airplane costume

DIY Airplane costume

Arlene, a Really Awesome Costumes reader, sent in this adorable DIY airplane costume she made for her nephew. She made the costume out of cardboard, butcher paper and mod podge. To attach the cardboard pieces to each other she uses whatever it takes: glue gun, staples, and duct tape! You can see the red duct tape she used to attach the back portion of the plane! This adorable airplane costume even won Chace an opportunity to be an honorary Virgin Atlantic captain for the day at LAX! How neat … [Continue reading...]

ADULTS: DIY Sushi costume

DIY Sushi costume

Here is a unique DIY adult Halloween costume… why not craft up a shrimp nigiri sushi roll costume complete with a ginger and wasabi headband. I love that she used an old foam mattress to make the shrimp part of the roll and packing peanuts glued together as a layer of rice. Genius! See the […]

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KIDS: DIY My little pony costume

DIY My little pony costumes

My little ponies were all the rage back in my day! I’m happy to see that they are makin’ a come back! Sugar Tart Crafts has 12 detailed tutorials about how to make this adorable DIY my little pony costume! I love how the costume turned out and what a fun dress up costume for […]

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GROUPS: Words with Friends costume

Group Halloween costume ideas

Group Halloween costumes are fun! This is a really awesome idea for a large group… co-workers, sorority, fraternity, or big group of friends! Best of all, it’s easy and cheap to make! If you haven’t heard of the game Words with Friends, check it out! It’s addicting! All you need to make this Words with […]

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BABIES: DIY Oscar the Grouch costume

DIY Oscar the Grouch costume

The Pink Funny Farm made her little one a DIY Oscar the Grouch costume for Halloween. This costume will take a little time with the sewing machine, but the results are priceless! The tin can is made out of felt and the Oscar part is made out of green fur. Don’t forget to add the […]

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BABIES: DIY Popcorn bag costume

DIY Bag of Popcorn costume

As a mom to a little one still in a baby carrier, this is truly a genius costume! She turned her baby carrier into a popcorn bag with felt. This is a no sew costume, y’all! Oh and did I mention this costume only took her 15 minutes to put together?! See all of the […]

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ADULTS: DIY Medusa costume

DIY Medusa costume

Morena’s Corner crafted up this awesome DIY Medusa costume for herself! The snake hair is actually jsut made out of a headband! She found large and small snakes and used chenille pipe cleaners to attach them to a sturdy headband. Check your local Dollar Store for toy snakes! Then, all you’ll need is a white […]

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KIDS: DIY Gumball machine costume

DIY Gumball machine costume

The DIY Studio whipped up this adorable kids DIY gumball machine costume! She used a vinyl shower curtain as the plastic pouch that covers the gum balls (or felt balls)! This costume requires some sewing, but it’s totally worth the work! You can see the complete costume tutorial over at the DIY Studio. Oh and […]

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COUPLES: DIY Cast away costumes

DIY Cast away costume

Want to win a couples costume contest this Halloween?  Here’s a gold medal winning idea… DIY cast away costumes! Dress you and your honey up as the FedEx employee and Wilson from Cast Away! You’ll need to make a giant paper mache sphere to be Wilson and add the iconic red Wilson face. The Fed […]

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KIDS: DIY Earth and Sun costumes

DIY Earth and Sun costumes

LoriMessFlint crafted up these DIY Earth and Sun costumes for her kiddos for Halloween costume contest! How fun are these costumes for siblings…genius!? I know that the kids would have a blast helping make these paper mache costumes too! After you create the paper mache spheres, use puff paint to paint on the details! Don’t forget […]

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