GROUPS: DIY troll costumes

Group costume ideas

Group costumes are so much fun! Grab all of your girlfriends and turn yourselves into trolls for the night! Theses girls bought the Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress from American Appear and glued on giant rhinestones over their belly buttons to create DIY troll costumes. Grab a colored wig and bobby pin the wig hair around a small bowl to give it the raindrop look. Hairspray is your friend with this hair do! (Image from American Apparel.) Here are 25 more clever, handmade group costume … [Continue reading...]

BABIES: DIY Pillsbury dough boy

DIY Pillsbury dough boy

All you need for the DIY Pillsbury dough boy costume is a long sleeve white onesie and white pants and a chef hat! You could use any piece of white fabric to make a simple scarf. You can print the Pillsbury logo off of the internet and glue it onto a plain white chef hat! What […]

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ADULTS: DIY Starbucks costume

DIY Starbucks costume

You are what you eat or uhh,.. drink, right?! Why not turn yourself into your favorite treat for Halloween. Making a DIY Starbucks costume is easy, all you need is a brown dress. You can add the Starbucks logo to it by printing it out and just safety pinning it on! A white boa and […]

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BABIES: DIY gnome costume

DIY gnome costume

This DIY gnome costume won the grand prize in the Mom365 costume contest! The great part about this costume is that it is actually pretty simple to put together. You will need a red hat with crazy white eyebrows and a white beard to match. Felt is the perfect, inexpensive material for this. And then […]

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KIDS: DIY nun costume

DIY nun costume

Making a DIY nun costume is cheap and easy! You can make the black robe form ant piece of black fabric, just cut a whole for the head and add a rope at the waist. A white bib is perfect for around the neck! You can use a black pillow case for the head piece! […]

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ADULTS: DIY camera costume

DIY camera costume

This DIY camera costume is sure to win a prize at this years Halloween costume! The great thing is all you really need is cardboard and a 5 gallon bucket! Oh and some time! I especially love the lid of the bucket dangling off as the lens cover! Oh and did I mention this camera […]

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PETS: DIY ET and Elliot costume

Elliot and ET costumes

How cute are these DIY ET and Elliot costumes? It’s the purr-fect costume for pet lovers (pun intended)! All you need is a red hooded sweater and jeans. Fido just needs a white dish towel and a dangling Reeses Pieces packet from the basket. The basket is an important accessory too… just add bike handles to […]

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ADULT: Where the wild things are costume

Where the while things are costume

Classic Noise turned herself into Max from the cute book Where the Wild Things are. You can purchase the white adult footed pajama onesie online for $25, and DIY the accessories! To complete you Where the Wild Things are costume you’ll need a paper crown, buttons, and gloves! Talk about a comfortable costume?! See more pictures […]

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KIDS: DIY Green lantern costume

DIY Green Lantern Costume

Heather whipped up super hero costumes as party favors for her son’s birthday. What a cool mom! The diy green lantern costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is made out of felt and Heather has a step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns. See lots […]

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KIDS: Wheelchair ice cream truck costume

Wheelchair ice cream truck costume

I love that the dad of this kiddo turned his son’s wheelchair into an ice cream truck! The wheelchair ice cream truck costume is complete with ice cream cones, bunting on the window, and an ice cream hat for the little boy! The wheelchair costume even has a rear view mirror and custom decals!  This […]

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