COUPLES: DIY grumpy old couple costume

DIY Grumpy Old Couple

You definitely need a little attitude to pull off Morena's Corner's grumpy old man and woman costume! Pick up most of the pieces you need at a local thrift store. For the man, all you need is a vintage button-down and trousers; to make the look more authentic, leave the fly down and pull a little bit of the shirt through. For the woman, an old house coat or dress works fine. She used bubble wrap to create curves in all the right places!   … [Continue reading...]

BABIES: DIY Charlie Brown

DIY Charlie Brown

How cute is Baby Gray in his DIY Charlie Brown costume?! The Gray Matters whipped up this super easy costume by using fabric paint to paint black zig-zags on a yellow t-shirt. The black shorts, yellow socks, and brown baby loafers make up the rest. The best thing about it is that all of these […]

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KIDS: DIY penny costume

DIY penny costume

Art Can’t Hurt whipped up this super cute DIY penny costume for her son. The best part is that this costume is made out of recycled materials. She used a large cardboard circle and cut out cardboard letters for the penny details. Abraham Lincoln has a brown felt beard, and she used bronzer to give […]

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GROUPS: Social media costumes

Social media costumes

Why not be social media for Halloween! There is no shortage of fun sites to dress up as… You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit… just to name a few! These girls use American Apparel tank dresses and fabric paint to craft up handmade social media costumes!   (Image source) Here is couple costume […]

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KIDS: DIY marathon costume

DIY Marathon costume

Get your little one on the exercise train early with a DIY marathon costume! I love that you probably have mpst of the things to make this costume on hand! You’ll just need work out wear… and the sweat bands are a must! Then pin a number card to the kiddos chest and back and […]

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GROUPS: DIY troll costumes

Group costume ideas

Group costumes are so much fun! Grab all of your girlfriends and turn yourselves into trolls for the night! Theses girls bought the Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress from American Appear and glued on giant rhinestones over their belly buttons to create DIY troll costumes. Grab a colored wig and bobby pin the wig hair around […]

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BABIES: DIY Pillsbury dough boy

DIY Pillsbury dough boy

All you need for the DIY Pillsbury dough boy costume is a long sleeve white onesie and white pants and a chef hat! You could use any piece of white fabric to make a simple scarf. You can print the Pillsbury logo off of the internet and glue it onto a plain white chef hat! What […]

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ADULTS: DIY Starbucks costume

DIY Starbucks costume

You are what you eat or uhh,.. drink, right?! Why not turn yourself into your favorite treat for Halloween. Making a DIY Starbucks costume is easy, all you need is a brown dress. You can add the Starbucks logo to it by printing it out and just safety pinning it on! A white boa and […]

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BABIES: DIY gnome costume

DIY gnome costume

This DIY gnome costume won the grand prize in the Mom365 costume contest! The great part about this costume is that it is actually pretty simple to put together. You will need a red hat with crazy white eyebrows and a white beard to match. Felt is the perfect, inexpensive material for this. And then […]

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KIDS: DIY nun costume

DIY nun costume

Making a DIY nun costume is cheap and easy! You can make the black robe form ant piece of black fabric, just cut a whole for the head and add a rope at the waist. A white bib is perfect for around the neck! You can use a black pillow case for the head piece! […]

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