BABIES: DIY Charlie Brown

How cute is Baby Gray in his DIY Charlie Brown costume?! The Gray Matters whipped up this super easy costume by using fabric paint to paint black zig-zags on a yellow t-shirt. The black shorts, yellow socks, and brown baby loafers make up the rest. The best thing about it is that all of these pieces can be worn again the other 364 days of the year.

DIY Charlie Brown

If you like Charlie Brown, here is another easy no-sew option!

KIDS: DIY minion costume

Make and Takes blogged how to make this DIY Minion Costume for your kiddos and it’s adorable!  She used a yellow knit beanie (snow hat) and black pipe cleaners to make the main part of the hat then used a paper towel tube, silver paint and black elastic for the goggles.  This is a great way to make a quick and easy costume for your kids if you’re running out of time and you can even get them to help in the creating process!

DIY Minion Costume

See lots more pictures and a full tutorial at Make and Takes. Oh and if you liked this post, check out this full body DIY adult version of a minion costume!

KIDS: Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

Foster to Forever put together this super easy and cute Handmade Mickey Mouse costume. All you need is a black turtle neck, red shorts, yellow felt, white gloves, and of course… mouse ears! Any round animal ear would work! Then, just add a nose and big smile and voila.. an adorable Mickey Mouse!

Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

See the full DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween costume tutorial at Foster to Forever!

GROUPS: Captain Planet costumes

Group Halloween costumes are always fun! And here’s one that brings back the good ol’ memories of Saturday morning cartoons. I used to love Captain Planet! I mean after all, Captain Planet and his Planeteers make recycling cool! Each person needs a different colored t-shirt, khaki shorts, and or course a big chunky ring! Captain planet needs green hair, red cape a giant gold belt buckle! Check out this picture of the cartoon characters for more ideas of what to wear.


Captain planet costume

Image via here.

ADULT: DIY Minion costume

Here’s another really awesome handmade costume that was a serious labor of love! While They Snooze created this DIY minion costume! What a Minion you ask? Minions are the wide eyed stars of the movie series, Despicable Me! Sarah has a complete supply list along with a full tutorial to teach you how to make your very own Minion costume. The eyes are made out of 2 pint cans of paint… genius, huh?!

DIY minion costume


See lots more pictures and the full tutorial at While They Snooze.

KIDS: DIY Charlie Brown Costume

Rachel from R & R Workshop made a simple and sweet Halloween costume for her little boy… It’s a DIY Charlie Brown costume! It’s super simple and a good ol’ no sew costume… Gotta love that! All you need is a yellow t-shirt, black felt and a hot glue gun! Easy peasy!

DIY Charlie Brown Costume


See more pictures and the complete tutorial at R & R Workshop!