KIDS: DIY spiderman costume

Heather crafted up this awesome spiderman costume for her son. The diy spiderman costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is mostly made out of felt and craft paint! And best of all, this is a new sew costume! Heather has the step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns.

DIY spiderman costumeSee lots more DIY spiderman costume pictures and full tutorial at Twin dragonfly designs.

KIDS: DIY Green lantern costume

Heather whipped up super hero costumes as party favors for her son’s birthday. What a cool mom! The diy green lantern costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is made out of felt and Heather has a step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns.

DIY Green Lantern Costume See lots more DIY green lantern costume pictures here.


KIDS: Homemade Kent Clark costume

Here is an adorable homemade costume idea that is sure to get tons of compliments! Wait ’til your father gets home put together a super costume for her toddler. And best of all, you probably have most of the supplies at home… the homemade Kent Clark costume essentials are black pants, white button shirt, black suspenders, black framed glasses, and black shoes!

Homemade Kent Clark costume

See the full tutorial and lots more costume pictures on her blog, Wait ’til your father gets home.

KIDS: Homemade She-Ra Costume

What kiddo doesn’t want to be a super hero princess?! Marissa from Raegun Ramblings hand sewed this really awesome handmade She-Ra costume for her niece. What a nice aunt! For those of you that don’t know, She-Ra is the princess of Power and debuted in 1985 in the movie The Secret of the Sword. She-Ra reappeared in a He-Man video game in 2012. You definitely need to be a decent seamstress to make this awesome costume, but there are very detailed directions over at Reagun Ramblings!


Homemade She-Ra Costume

ADULTS: Captain Recycle Costume

Happy Earth Day! Even though I think everyday is Earth Day, this is the prefect day for Rich’s handmade Captain Recycle costume. This one is pretty easy, just do a little dive into your recycle bin for some plastic bags, banan peels, and cardboard. Oh and you’ll need a green sweat suit to make the captain recycle costume!

Clever handmade adult costume

ADULT: Polka Dot Superhero

Need a quick, cute costume? How about being a girly, fun polka dotted super hero! Ashley from Cherished Bliss made a really awesome polka dot cape, belt, and mask and had all of the other super hero materials at home. To be a polka dotted super hero you’ll need tights, athletic shorts, and a white t-shirt.


Handmade Super Hero Costume

See all of the really awesome  handmade girly super hero costume deets at Cherished Bliss.