ADULTS: DIY Cupid Costume

You never know when you’ll need a cupid costume complete with a quiver made out of an oatmeal container. Crafty Audiophile whipped up a no sew tutu by tying red toile around an elastic band. Her arrows and headband are handmade too! If you happen to be running a race in February, this cupid costume would be perfect!

DIY Cupid costume


For more pictures and the complete tutorial, check out Crafty Audiophile.

ADULTS: Conversation Heart Leggings

If you’re thinking about making a costume for Valentine’s day, but you want to keep it somewhat low key, these conversation heart leggings by Studio DIY are perfect. You can easily transform plain white leggings into festive Valentine’s leggings with the free printables and iron on transfer paper. (I’ve used iron on transfer paper before for a few projects and I was surprised at how well it worked. Just make sure that you iron around the edges of your hearts for a long time to prevent peeling.) These leggings would be fun to wear to work or school on or around Valentine’s Day, or would be a cute and simple costume to wear to a Valentine’s party.

DIY Conversation Heart Leggings


Check out the full tutorial at Studio DIY. You could also pair these leggings with these conversation heart glasses or these candy heart necklaces.

KIDS: Duct Tape Wings Costume

I love seeing amazing and elaborate things that people make out of duct tape! These duct tape wings by Doodlecraft are no exception. These wings are made mostly out of plain white duct tape and would be perfect for a Cupid costume for Valentine’s day. You could also use these wings as a part of an Angel costume, or another winged creature. To create these wings you will need white duct tape, foam board, wooden sticks, a hot glue gun, scissors, and elastic. You could also pair them with a set of handmade bow and arrows.

Duct Tape Wings Costume


Check out the full tutorial at Doodlecraft.

KIDS: DIY Suspenders

These adorable DIY suspenders by Jojo and Eloise via The 36th Avenue are just too cute. You could follow the helpful and simple tutorial to make suspenders to add to any costume. These heart suspenders are especially cute and would make a perfect Valentine’s costume or outfit for kids. What’s great about these suspenders is that they are completely no sew. All you need is felt, elastic, mitten clips/suspender clips, and a hot glue gun. You could whip up a set of these in just a few minutes.

DIY suspenders


See the full step by step tutorial over at The 36th Avenue.

KIDS: Cupid’s Bow and Arrows

If your kids love getting dressed up and making crafts, this Valentine’s Day craft by Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling is perfect for you! You only need a handful of craft supplies to make these cute little Cupid’s Bow and Arrows crafts. They would make a fun activity at a Valentine’s Day party, or a cute and simply DIY costume idea for a Valentine’s party.

Cupid's Bow and Arrow Craft Costume

See the full step by step tutorial over at Delineate Your Dwelling.

BABIES: Conversation Heart Onesie

This simple DIY costume idea by Madigan Made is just the cutest! It would make a great costume for your baby for Halloween, but it would also be perfect for dressing up your cute little one around Valentine’s Day. You can use a onesie you already have and attach a felt heart (maybe even use the heart to cover up a little stain). The hardest part would be choosing what phrase to put on your conversation heart.

Baby Costume - Conversation Heart

See the full costume tutorial over at Madigan Made.

ADULTS: DIY angel wings costume

A Thrifty Diva came up with this quick, easy and cheap way to create beautiful angel wings! She cut a wing shape out of cardboard, and then traced that shape to cut out the other wing so they matched. Then she just glued little pieces of toilet tissue to them and attached a ribbon to create a strap. Voila – angel wings! The best thing is that you can do this with items you probably already have in your house, and you can wear the wings with almost any outfit to make a fast DIY costume!

DIY Angel Wings Costume

For the full angel wings tutorial head on over to A Thrifty Diva. Angel wings aren’t just for adults – check out this cute DIY baby cupid costume.

BABIES: Love bandit Valentine Oneise

Delightfully Noted whipped up this adorable love bandit Valentine onesie for her son to capture some cute heart day pictures. She used her Silhouette machine and heat transfer vinyl to make this fun outfit! I kind of love the hat and glasses addition too!


Love bandit Valentine Oneise


See the full love bandit onesie tutorial here.

BABIES: DIY cupid costume

This is technically an angel costume, I’m pretty confident this could easily be a baby cupid costume too! Moving insider posted this adorable picture and said the wings are made out of cardboard and covered in white feathers. The bodysuit could be any solid colored onesie, and of course you need a (safe) bow and arrow for baby to hold!




DIY cupid costume

BABIES: DIY Valentines onesie

Want to dress your little boy up for heart day, but need something a little more masculine? How about arrows! For the love of shares how to make this adorable DIY Valentines onesie on the Disney Baby blog. All you need is fabric paint, a plain onesie, and a DIY stencil she shows you how to make!

DIY Valentines onesie


See the complete DIY Valentines onesie tutorial here.