PETS: DIY Cupid pet costume

Turn your pup into cupid this Valentines Day! And for extra cheese grab a baby and dress him in hearts, like he’s been struck by cupid! Oh the cuteness! Krystle used an empty toilet paper roll and chop sticks for the arrows to make the arrow holder for her dog.

DIY Cupid pet costumeSee the complete instructions to make your own DIY cupid pet costume here.

ADULTS: DIY Valentine tights

These fun DIY Valentine tights are the perfect addition to your heart day outfit! The Pineneedle Collective crafted these up with just paint, sheer tights, and clear nail polish. She does make it clear that this craft requires a lot of patience, but the result is oh so cute and totally worth your time!


DIY Valentine tights


See the detailed, step by step tutorial over at The Pineneedle Collective!

PETS: DIY Valentine scarf for dog

Acute designs whipped up an adorable DIY valentine scarf for her pup for sport for heart day! It’s a new sew project and all you need is felt, fabric, and fabric glue! Valentine’s Day is only one month away! It’s the perfect heart day accessory for any pet!

DIY Valentine scarf for dog


See the full DIY Valentine scarf tutorial here.