GROUP: School Supplies


If you love to craft or make, these school supply costumes are perfect for you! 3 DIY School Supplies Costumes 1. Elmers Glue Bottle Each letter on the Elmer's Glue bottle costume is hand cut out of felt, and check out the orange beanie that looks exactly like a glue bottle topper! Amazing, right? 2. Crayola Crayon costume The Crayola crayon used a red funnel as a hat for the crayon point and also hand cut each letter out of felt. Genius! 3. Watercolor costume The watercolor costume could easily … [Continue reading...]

ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

Operation couples costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone! 2 DIY Operation Game Costumes Whether you are looking for a couples costume or a solo costume, here are two fun DIY Operation game […]

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ADULTS: DIY Starbucks costume

DIY Starbucks costume

You are what you eat or uhh… drink, right?! Why not turn yourself into your favorite treat for Halloween. DIY Starbucks Costume Making a DIY Starbucks costume is easy, all you need is a simple brown dress.  You can add the Starbucks logo to it by printing it out and just safety pinning it on! […]

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PETS: Wonder Bread Dog Costume

Bread bag dog costume

Not only is this dog costume hilarious, it’s so easy to put together your very own “pure bread”! DIY Wonder Bread Dog Costume The caveat for this dog costume is your pup has to fit inside of the plastic bread package. Unfortunately, this means small dogs only. Simply, cut the top off of the Wonder […]

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ADULTS: DIY jelly belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

Juicy pear is always a winning jelly bean flavor in my book, and so is this DIY costume! DIY Jelly Bean Costume Peta Hatton put together this super cute DIY jelly belly costume using water balloons (filled with air), a dry cleaners clear plastic bag and a Jelly Belly logo printed out and adhered to […]

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ADULTS: Vending Machine Costume

DIY Vending machine costume

How fun is this box-tume idea? It’s a pop machine! Or Coke machine, depending on where you live. The DIY vending machine costume is made out of a single box with a hole cut in the top for your head and the center viewing your choice of beverage. Spray paint the box your favorite color and […]

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ADULTS: Tic Tac Candy Costume

DIY Tic Tac Candy Costume

Did you know that Tic Tac was created in 1969 and they got there name from the ironic sound the plastic container makes when you pop the top of the container!   DIY Tic Tac Costume    All you need for this DIY Tic Tac candy costume is a vertical clear storage container, plastic easter […]

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KIDS: Cardboard Box Train Costume

Cardboard Box train costume

If you have a little train lover on your hands, this cardboard box train costume is perfect for Halloween or a super fun addition to the dress up box. Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. used an old diaper box as the main part of the train. The train decorations are made out of things you likely have on […]

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COUPLES: Double Stuffed Oreos


Who does not love Oreo cookies? The answer is no one! Double stuffed Oreo couple costume is sure to be hit at your next costume party. Best part? It is so easy to make and it is super comforatble. You need cardboard, black poster board and back permanent marker for the Oreo cookie necklaces. For […]

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ADULTS: DIY Cupid Costume

DIY Cupid costume

You never know when you’ll need a cupid costume complete with a quiver made out of an oatmeal container. Crafty Audiophile whipped up a no sew tutu by tying red toile around an elastic band. Her arrows and headband are handmade too! If you happen to be running a race in February, this cupid costume would […]

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