ADULTS: DIY Candy Cane Costume

If ugly sweaters aren’t your thing… how about dressing up a like a giant candy cane, ha! The giant candy will certainly make you stand out at at the ugly Christmas sweater party. And all you need is red cardboard, white Duck Tape, and X-ACTO and a red dress. This costume takes about 15 minutes to make! Here are all of the DIY candy cane costume details. Oh and you’re significant other could be a giant reindeer!

DIY Candy Cane CostumeIn case

ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly/Tacky Christmas sweater parties are so fun and can bring out the most creative, festive outfits I’ve ever seen over the holidays.  This DIY ugly Christmas sweater is super easy to create and if it’s not “ugly” enough you can for sure add more to it.  Erika showed this photo on a post where she did a fun tutorial for a DIY dog sweater so she didn’t write a tutorial but it looks easy enough.  From what I can see you just need some mini Christmas ornaments, a bow and a sweatshirt in any color you choose then attach the items by sewing or hot gluing them on in a tree pattern.  You could even step it up a notch and not only make it “ugly” but also noisy if you did bells in place of some of the ornaments!  Get creative and have fun!

diy ugly christmas sweater

Check out additional tutorials on Erika’s blog here. If you liked this post, check out this DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater and don’t forget about your pup!