KIDS: DIY Crocodile costume

The only thing I love more than homemade costumes is homemade recycled costumes! This DIY crocodile costume is made out of a cardboard box and a brown paper bag. Impressive! Check out the full costume tutorial at Evil mad scientist!

DIY Crocodile costume

BABIES: DIY Octopus costume

Bonnie turned her adorable 5 month baby girl into an Octopus for Halloween. I love the polka dot fabric choice and the felt pom pom’s as the octopus’ suckers! You can buy the pattern for the octopus belt at her etsy store!

DIY Octopus costume

BABIES: DIY chicken costume

Is your baby a spring chicken? Craft up a DIY chicken costume for your little nugget of love! Jessica used 2 white boas for the chicken feathers and rubber gloves as feet! Pretty clever if you ask me! Not to mention, adorable!

DIY chicken costume


Read more about how she made the DIY chicken costume at Living the swell life.

ADULTS: DIY goldfish costume

Jenna crafted up an awesome DIY goldfish costume out of an orange hooded sweatshirt! She shows you step by step how to make the eyes, mouth, and scales of the goldfish. After the hooded sweatshirt is complete just pair it with black leggings and orange socks… super cute!

DIY goldfish costume

See more pictures of her DIY goldfish costume and the step by step tutorial to make your own handmade costume here!

BABIES: DIY Panda costume

Jamie made her adorable baby a DIY panda bear costume without sewing!  All you need is a hot glue gun, 2 sheets of felt, black onesie, black pants, and a white hat. This costume is so easy to make, y’all! And best of all, after Halloween, just un pin the white oval from the onesie and the onesie is back to normal!

DIY Panda costume


See lots more pictures and a step by step tutorial here. If you’re in the market for DIY animal Halloween costumes, we’ve got tons more tutorials!

BABIES: DIY koala costume

Koala bears are hands down one of the cutest animals ever! And this DIY koala costume on baby Maxwell makes my heart melt. I am a little biased, since I’m his mama! As for the making of the costume, it is so easy! The mask, round white, belly, and felt feet are the only parts to actually make. And it’s all made out of felt! I also love that after Halloween you still have a grey onesie and pants to wear all winter long!

DIY koala costume


Here are lots more pictures and the full tutorial on how to make a DIY koala costume!

KIDS: Homemade jellyfish costume

Ciana turned her little girl into a jellyfish for Halloween. All you need for this homemade jellyfish costume is an umbrella and crepe paper! I love that you could do this costume in any color. It’s also a great last minute costume since you probable most of items at home!

Homemade jellyfish costume

BABIES: DIY shark costume

Somehow I have a feeling that baby might not love this costume, but it is just about the cutest/ funniest thing I’ve ever seen and absolutely perfect for a crawling baby! Dear Goodness does not have the DIY shark costume tutorial on her blog, but I bet making it with felt would be the easiest! Or heck just find a large shark doll and attach it to baby, ha!

DIY shark costume

KIDS: Handmade zebra costume

This is a no sew zebra costume, y’all! Baby Gizmo crafted this awesome handmade zebra costume out of a black hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, duck tape, and craft foam. I think it would be super cute to have the fam dress up as the zoo, you could have a zebra, lion, tiger, panda and an elephant! Cute!

Handmade zebra costume

See the full tutorial and lots more zebra costume pictures at Baby Gizmo.

KIDS: Handamde Shark costume

Jill from Create Craft Love whipped up this really awesome handmade shark costume for her son. I love that this costume could be worn again for Shark week on the Discovery channel!

Handamde Shark costumeCheck out the complete tutorial at Create Craft Love.