PETS: DIY dog dinosaur costume

Call me cal does not share the costume making details of the DIY dog dinosaur costume, but I think I can help. You can buy a plain Green dog hoodie from Amazon for less than $10. Then use felt to add spots, armor, teeth and eyes. You can sew the felt on your just use glue! Easy!

DIY dog dinosaur costume

KIDS: Pig in a blanket costume

This is a great costume for a sleepy kiddo who loves to be cozy, and for mama that doesn’t want to sew or spend a fortune on a costume! All you need for the pig in a blanket costume is a pig eared headband, a pink pair of pants and shirt, and a pig nose. Oh and of course you’ll need a blanket! See all of the costume making details on Real Simple.

Pig in a blanket costume

BABIES: DIY Flamingo costume

Elsie Blaha turned her sweet little girl into flamingo! She notes that the costume is not very functional, the flamingo head does not stand straight up.  So, the costume really only works for pictures on the ground or maybe resting  in a stroller! The entire costume is made out of felt and absolutely adorable! diy-baby flamingo-costumeSee more DIY flamingo costume details here. And if you loved this costume, check out the DIY flamingo costume for adults!

ADULTS: Cut out spider web cape

Delia from Delia Creates created this amazing cut out spider web cape with fleece fabric! It’s a no sew costume accessory plus it is super versatile! Delia paired it with witch accessories, but you could easily attach a giant spider to your back and be a spider for Halloween! It’s kind of of like creating a giant snowflake.

Cut out spider web cape

See the complete no sew spider web cape tutorial at Delia Creates.

KIDS: Homemade bee costume

Happy national honey bee day! Ruth made homemade bee costumes for her sweet little girl out of pillow cases! Then she found tooth fairy wings at the Dollar Store and dyed them black. The last necessary bee accessory was antennae… she made those out of a plastic headband, pipe cleaners, and pom poms! Black tights and black flats complete this adorable little bee!

Homemade bee costume

See more homemade bee costume pictures over at Living well, spending less.

GROUP: DIY Pilgrims and Turkey Costumes

Need a costume for a November race? Really Awesome Costumes has got you covered! How about a turkey complete with a brown tutu and pilgrims! Fun, right? Or if you just love turkey day, this could be a clever group costume for Halloween! The white details on the pilgrims is just white felt! See all of the pilgrim and turkey costume deets at Life’s a Wheeze!


DIY pilgrims and turkey costumes

GROUPS: DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

The TMNT are making a comeback! And lucky for us, Tonya has a clever idea for making really awesome DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes idea that utilizes a roasting pan!

DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

Don’t fight over who get s to be the purple turtle! See the full TMNT DIY costume tutorial over at Soiree Event.

COUPLES: Big bad wolf and little red riding hood costumes

Claudia and her husband from Casa de Berry are halloween costume making pros! Check out this homemade big bad wolf and little red riding hood costume that scored them first place at a Halloween Party in 2006! Claudia says, “My husband made a mesh helmet and glued it to the top of the fur head. Then he cut up pieces of fur, glued them to his face, and made it fade it into the makeup.” She even went on to tell me that he did his own makeup! Claudia sewed his nightgown and cap. She also sewed her red cape.


handamde couple halloween costumesSee more of their Halloween costume awesomeness at Casa de Berry!

KIDS: Penguin Costume

Happy World Penguin Day! Learn something new everyday, right?!  In honor of World Penguin day, we’ve got an adorable handmade penguin costume for a kiddo. Make It and Love It sewed this really awesome handmade, fleece penguin costume for her baby girl. The best part, big brother was Bert and big sister was Mary Poppins! Tagging this post as a group costume, thank you very much! See the full penguin tutorial at Make It and Love It!

DIY Penguin costume

Oh and if you want a family costume, here are handmade Bert and Mary Poppins adult costumes! Happy World Penguin Day, friends!

Psst… here are 36 more handmade animal costumes for kids and adults.

KIDS: Hedgehog Costume

Alida from Alida Makes turned her toddler into a hedgehog! How cute is that? All you need is a tan hoodie, fleece, and a sewing machine to make the hedgehog costume… heck you could hot glue if sewing isn’t your thing!

Handmade hedgehog costumeSee the full handmade hedgehog kids costume tutorial over at Alida Makes.