KIDS: DIY Mermaid costume

The Hair Bow Company has an adorable tutorial for making a DIY mermaid costume! What little girl does not want to be Aerial from the Little Mermaid?  The purple mermaid bodice is actually a lined headband that you can purchase from their site, and the bodice is attached to the tail. The mermaid tail is 3 shades of green tulle. You can find the complete tutorial about how to make the criss cross mermaid dress right here.

DIY Mermaid costume

COUPLES: DIY Annie costume

This is one of the cutest dad and daughter costumes I’ve ever seen. Ever! Ginalee made a DIY Annie costume for her daughter and Daddy Warbucks is looking pretty sharp too! The red curly wig is a the must have piece for the Annie costume along with a red dress, white stockings, and black dress shoes. Adorable!

DIY Annie costume


You can see more of Gina’s work on her photography website.

KIDS: DIY Queen Elsa costume

Sarah made her daughters day with this DIY Queen Elsa costume!  Her daughter won’t “let it go, let it go”… she wears the Elsa dress all day, every day! I love that the costume actually started out as an apron. That means it will fit for much longer! See the full costume tutorial and lots more pictures  here.

DIY Queen Elsa costume

KIDS: DIY Alfalfa costume

Everyone remembers Alfalfa, who had a crush on Darla, from the movie, The Little Rascals, right?! This is fun and simple DIY Alfalfa costume is easy to put together with pieces from your kiddos closet and a bow tie (you can pick one of these up at any thrift store). Make sure you add freckles with an eyeliner pencil, part his hair down the middle, and stick up the single piece with moose and hairspray in the back! Adorable!

DIY Alfalfa costumeSee more DIY costumes from the viewers of abc15 here.

KIDS: DIY Nacho Libre costume

Morena’s Corner crafted up this adorable Nacho Libre costume for her son. She re-used her daughters Wonder Woman red bodysuit and cut the skirt off. Then she sewed on red patches to blue pajama pants and voila… meet Nacho Libre! Oh and don’t forget the mustache!

DIY Nacho Libre costume


See all of the DIY Nacho Libre costume details over at Morena’s Corner.

PETS: DIY ET and Elliot costume

How cute are these DIY ET and Elliot costumes? It’s the purr-fect costume for pet lovers (pun intended)! All you need is a red hooded sweater and jeans. Fido just needs a white dish towel and a dangling Reeses Pieces packet from the basket. The basket is an important accessory too… just add bike handles to a black crate! Adorable!

DIY Elliot and ET costumes

Love the costume, Rachelle and Gigi! See more ET and Elliot costume deets at C.R.A.F.T. And here are lots more clever DIY pet costumes!

BABIES: DIY Harry Potter Costume

How cute is this baby DIY Harry Potter costume?! I love that you could use makeup to draw on the glasses since some kiddos don’t love accessories on their face. Other than that you’ll just need a yellow and red scarf and a white onesie with the family crest patch!

DIY Harry Potter costume

This costume idea came from Joe Jacks Mom on Mom 365.

COUPLES: Forrest Gump and Jenny costume

Forrest Gump is one of my all time favorite movies, so I’m pretty excited to share this DIY Forrest Gump and Jenny costume idea with y’all. The costume idea and beautiful pictures are from Mary Costa. I think the key elements of this costume are the plaid shirt and red hat for Forrest and the flower headband, instrument, and hippie dress for Jenny! It’s perfect!

Forrest Gump and Jenny costumeSee lots more details of this creative couples costume on Mary Costa.

KIDS: DIY Frozen Princess cape

Cami from Tidbits whipped up this awesome DIY Frozen princess costume for Make It and Love It. Best of all, it’s a no sew costume, y’all! Your little girl can sing “Let it Go” and dance around the house in her handmade Elsa cape. Another great thing about this project is that the kiddos can help! Win win!

DIY Frozen Princess cape


See all of the DIY Frozen Princess cape details here.

KIDS: DIY Frozen princess costume

Kim over at Seven Thirty Three created this amazing DIY Frozen princess costume inspired by Elsa. She made a circle skirt and a simple top for her daughter to sing “Let is go” at a school talent show! Oh and Queen Elsa got second place at the talent show! Nice work  ladies (on both the costume and the singing)!

DIY Frozen princess costume


See all of the costume details here.