KIDS: DIY minion costume

Make and Takes blogged how to make this DIY Minion Costume for your kiddos and it’s adorable!  She used a yellow knit beanie (snow hat) and black pipe cleaners to make the main part of the hat then used a paper towel tube, silver paint and black elastic for the goggles.  This is a great way to make a quick and easy costume for your kids if you’re running out of time and you can even get them to help in the creating process!

DIY Minion Costume

See lots more pictures and a full tutorial at Make and Takes. Oh and if you liked this post, check out this full body DIY adult version of a minion costume!

KIDS: Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

Foster to Forever put together this super easy and cute Handmade Mickey Mouse costume. All you need is a black turtle neck, red shorts, yellow felt, white gloves, and of course… mouse ears! Any round animal ear would work! Then, just add a nose and big smile and voila.. an adorable Mickey Mouse!

Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

See the full DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween costume tutorial at Foster to Forever!

KIDS: DIY Pippi Longstocking costume

Jessica from Mom 4 Real used mis matched pieces from her and her daughters existing wardrobe to create this really awesome DIY Pippi Long stocking costume! The colorful striped socks, cute freckles, and those braided pip tails definitely complete the look! Jessica even shared the braided pig tails sticking straight out secret… I’ll give you a hint, you can find the secret ingredient in your back yard. You can also use floral wire, but that’s not free, ha! Just for fun, did you know that Pippi Longstocking was first a series of children’s books that was turned into a movie in 1949!

DIY pippi longstocking costume

See more pictures and the full tutorial over at Mom 4 Real.

ADULT: DIY Minion costume

Here’s another really awesome handmade costume that was a serious labor of love! While They Snooze created this DIY minion costume! What a Minion you ask? Minions are the wide eyed stars of the movie series, Despicable Me! Sarah has a complete supply list along with a full tutorial to teach you how to make your very own Minion costume. The eyes are made out of 2 pint cans of paint… genius, huh?!

DIY minion costume


See lots more pictures and the full tutorial at While They Snooze.

KIDS: Homemade little orphan Annie costume

I super love the movie, Annie. OK, fine I love anything Annie… broadway, songs, Sandy…  it’s such a sweet, optimistic show! Anyhow, how fun would it be to dress your little up in a homemade little orphan Annie costume? All you need is a red t-shirt, white paper collar, white belt, and of course you’ll need a crazy red wig. Oh and some cute little freckles would be awesome too. See all of the orphan Annie costume deets at Theatre Mania!

Homemade little orphan Annie costume

COUPLES: DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

Chels from Buy me Love, crafted up these fun Wizard of Oz inspired costumes and even created a yellow brick road scene in the trunk of her car! Pretty dang cute, huh?! She said, “I made the hub’s costume from sweats, raffia and elastic. I sewed the hat with fleece scraps, and painted his face.” The Dorothy costume dress was bought and she added lace to the hem for length.  The yellow brick road and rainbow trunk scene was made from papers, glitter glues, fake poppies, paint, and a plastic tablecloth.


DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

If you want to see more deets about the DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes, check out Buy me Love.

GROUPS: DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

The TMNT are making a comeback! And lucky for us, Tonya has a clever idea for making really awesome DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes idea that utilizes a roasting pan!

DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

Don’t fight over who get s to be the purple turtle! See the full TMNT DIY costume tutorial over at Soiree Event.

KIDS: DIY Jesse and Slinky Dog Costumes

I wasn’t sure if I should file this one under pets, kids, or groups! So, it’s officially under all 3 labels! Sherry from Young House Love made her beloved kids, Clara and pup, Burger a DIY Jesse and Slinky dog costumes from the movie, Toy Story. A pair of jeans got some white duck tape cow spots and Sherry made a simple giant yarn braid and attached it to a cowboy hat for Jesse. Burger the pup got a felt, no sew slinky wrap.

DIY jesse and Slinky dog costumes

See all of the Jesse and Slinky dog costume deets over at Young House Love. Oh and if you’re looking for more handamde Toy Story costumes, here’s another version of Toy Story Jesse and Mr Potato Head.

A handmade alien Halloween costume for kids and adults

Be prepared to be amazed!

Although, I’ve never seen the movie, Alien, I’ve got a pretty feel for what it’s about ; ) Claudia’s husband turned their 7 year old boy into the main monster from the movie, The  Zenomorph! Claudia said, “We bought a surfing outfit as the base and glued various things onto the suit.  The head was molded from plastic and set on a helmet.  There were also gloves and shoe covers made from felt with pieces glued to the felt.” her husband worked on this masterpiece for 40+ hours! This is one really awesome handmade alien Halloween costume!

handmade alien halloween costume

What do you think? Could you re-create this really awesome costume? See more details at Claudia’s blog, Casa de Berry!

KIDS: Penguin Costume

Happy World Penguin Day! Learn something new everyday, right?!  In honor of World Penguin day, we’ve got an adorable handmade penguin costume for a kiddo. Make It and Love It sewed this really awesome handmade, fleece penguin costume for her baby girl. The best part, big brother was Bert and big sister was Mary Poppins! Tagging this post as a group costume, thank you very much! See the full penguin tutorial at Make It and Love It!

DIY Penguin costume

Oh and if you want a family costume, here are handmade Bert and Mary Poppins adult costumes! Happy World Penguin Day, friends!

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