KIDS: DIY Jesse and Slinky Dog Costumes

I wasn’t sure if I should file this one under pets, kids, or groups! So, it’s officially under all 3 labels! Sherry from Young House Love made her beloved kids, Clara and pup, Burger a DIY Jesse and Slinky dog costumes from the movie, Toy Story. A pair of jeans got some white duck tape cow spots and Sherry made a simple giant yarn braid and attached it to a cowboy hat for Jesse. Burger the pup got a felt, no sew slinky wrap.

DIY jesse and Slinky dog costumes

See all of the Jesse and Slinky dog costume deets over at Young House Love. Oh and if you’re looking for more handamde Toy Story costumes, here’s another version of Toy Story Jesse and Mr Potato Head.