GROUP: School Supplies

If you love to craft or make, these school supply costumes are perfect for you!

3 DIY School Supplies Costumes

1. Elmers Glue Bottle

Each letter on the Elmer’s Glue bottle costume is hand cut out of felt, and check out the orange beanie that looks exactly like a glue bottle topper! Amazing, right?

2. Crayola Crayon costume

The Crayola crayon used a red funnel as a hat for the crayon point and also hand cut each letter out of felt. Genius!

3. Watercolor costume

The watercolor costume could easily be recreated out of cardboard and paint and secured around your neck like a giant necklace with a ribbon. How about that giant paint brush!?

Teacher-Halloween-CostumesFor more details and pictures, check out Everyday Living.

GROUPS: Monster Family Costume

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September! All of a sudden it starts to feel like fall, and in my house at least, my kids start brainstorming ideas for Halloween costumes. Sometimes I think that planning what you’re going to wear is half of the fun! We’ve never done a coordinated family costume, but I just love the idea. I especially love it when the baby of the family matches everyone else. Plus kids get a kick out of it when their parents dress up too.

Well how adorable is this monster family costume by Tell Love and Chocolate? The whole family includes: Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, an adorable little mummy, and a cute baby bat. You can check out all of the details and tutorials of each of these costumes, plus helpful links to some make-up and face painting videos.


GROUPS: Super Fruit Costumes

Race season is upon us, and there are so many fun idea to dress up as a group! (Here are 25 more group costume ideas!) How about running as a group of Super Fruits including a super strawberry, orange, pineapple, blueberry, and a watermelon! They used felt and a hot glue gun to make fruit ponchos that just slip on over their heads. Genius! And did you notice the socks?!

Super fruit group costume idea!!

GROUPS: Captain Hook costumes

Anna turned her cute fam into the cast of characters from Captain Hook! Dad is Tick Tock crock, Mom is The Lost Boy, and the kiddos are Peter Pan, Tink, and Captain Hook! Adorable!

Captain Hook costumes

GROUP: Super Mario group costumes

Chungry girl out together a clever group costume idea for her co-workers! They DIY’ed Super Mario group costumes! This is a great idea because you can add as many characters as you want. And all you really need to be Mario or Luigi is a pair of overalls, a red or green shirt and a red or green hat! You can add a Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, or even Donkey Kong!

Super Mario group costumes

GROUPS: DIY Beanie Baby costume

You might remember the hoopla that surrounded the beanie baby toys in the 90’s. But, have you ever thought about dressing up as one for Halloween? All you need is in an animal print dress, ears,  and craft up the signature “Ty” heart tag. Grab a bunch of friends and be beanie babies this Halloween!

DIY Beanie Baby costume


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GROUPS: DIY sharks and surfer

This is such a cute dad and kid costume idea from The fickle pickle! You could DIY or buy pre made shark costumes for the kiddos, and then easily make Dad’s costume from things you already have on hand. The most important part of the costume is the ace bandage and fake blood around the head! You could even DIY a surf board out of foam board or card board for dad to carry around.

DIY sharks and surfer costume

GROUPS: Harold and the Purple Crayon Costumes

Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic kids book! And I love that this family and Grandmother crafted up costumes in honor the book! The stuffed purple crayon complete with the purple cord is the perfect prop for Harold and the Purple Crayon costumes! To make the purple crayon drawings on mom and dad’s t-shirts they first used disappearing ink as an outline. Then they sewed purple t-shirt cording on top of the ink. For a complete tutorial check out Generation T.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Costumes

GROUPS: Words with Friends costume

Group Halloween costumes are fun! This is a really awesome idea for a large group… co-workers, sorority, fraternity, or big group of friends! Best of all, it’s easy and cheap to make! If you haven’t heard of the game Words with Friends, check it out! It’s addicting!

All you need to make this Words with Friends group Halloween costume is black pants and a black top. Then grab some cardboard and cut out a square. Cut out 2 per person if you want your letter on your back too. Then use an XACTO knife to round the corners. Print out letters all the same size and font on the computer, cut out, and use glue to adhere each letter to each piece of cardboard! You can attach the letter square to your black shirt a bazillion different ways! Tape, clothes pins, or it can go over your neck with string!

How easy was that?!

Group Halloween costume ideas

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GROUPS: Social media costumes

Why not be social media for Halloween! There is no shortage of fun sites to dress up as… You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit… just to name a few! These girls use American Apparel tank dresses and fabric paint to craft up handmade social media costumes!

Social media costumes


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