GROUPS: DIY troll costumes

Group costumes are so much fun! Grab all of your girlfriends and turn yourselves into trolls for the night! Theses girls bought the Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress from American Appear and glued on giant rhinestones over their belly buttons to create DIY troll costumes. Grab a colored wig and bobby pin the wig hair around a small bowl to give it the raindrop look. Hairspray is your friend with this hair do! (Image from American Apparel.)

DIY troll costumes

Here are 25 more clever, handmade group costume ideas!


Group costume ideas

GROUPS: DIY Christmas tree costumes

The same ladies who whipped up these awesome snow WOmen costumes also crafted up these DIY Christmas tree costumes for a holiday party. Grab a green sparkly dress and add tiny bulb ornaments to the skirt wit ha rad shash around the waist. Black tights and a black turtle neck are sure to keep you warm while looking good as a Christmas tree! I think a headband with a star would be a great addition!


DIY Christmas tree costumes

GROUPS: DIY Snowmen costumes

These lovely ladies turned themselves into snowWOmen for a Holiday party! They wore black tights, white long sleeve t-shirts, black boots, and of course white tutu’s to achieve the snowman the basic snowman look. Then spruced up the basic outfit red scarves, tiny hats, and black buttons made of coal ribbon and felt balls. These ladies are cute and classy snow ladies! Get a big group of friends together and craft up DIY snowmen costumes this season!

DIY Snowmen costumes

COUPLES: Bob Ross and Happy Tree costume

This is actually more than a couple costume, it’s a family costume! Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. is 19 weeks pregnant and that’s why she included the little squirrel in her happy tree. Bob Ross is really easy to make, all of the clothes came from the closet and she made him a pallet out of cardboard and bought the brown afro. The happy little tree started as an XL men’s t-shirt and the squirrel is made of felt! The fall leaf garland got chopped into 5 strips and made into a headpiece, bracelets, and shoulder pieces.

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Halloween costume


See lots more pictures and the full Bob Ross, happy tree, and squirrel DIY costumes at C.R.A.F.T.

ROUND UP: Awesome Halloween costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Here are 14 creatively awesome Halloween costumes that all involve food! Check ’em out…

14 Awesome food related Halloween costumes


1. Kid sushi costume

Food related halloween costumes

2. Bunch of grapes

3. Slice of pizza

Handmade Halloween costumes

4. Starbucks

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

5. Vegetable costumes

6. Donuts

DIY donut costume

7. Slurpees

Food related halloween costumes

8. S’mores

9. Candy Land

10. Spice Girls

Awesome Halloween costumes

11. Baby sushi costume

12. Dog Hostess costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

13. Jelly Belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

14. French baker

DIY french baker costume





GROUPS: Captain Planet costumes

Group Halloween costumes are always fun! And here’s one that brings back the good ol’ memories of Saturday morning cartoons. I used to love Captain Planet! I mean after all, Captain Planet and his Planeteers make recycling cool! Each person needs a different colored t-shirt, khaki shorts, and or course a big chunky ring! Captain planet needs green hair, red cape a giant gold belt buckle! Check out this picture of the cartoon characters for more ideas of what to wear.


Captain planet costume

Image via here.

GROUP: DIY Pilgrims and Turkey Costumes

Need a costume for a November race? Really Awesome Costumes has got you covered! How about a turkey complete with a brown tutu and pilgrims! Fun, right? Or if you just love turkey day, this could be a clever group costume for Halloween! The white details on the pilgrims is just white felt! See all of the pilgrim and turkey costume deets at Life’s a Wheeze!


DIY pilgrims and turkey costumes

GROUPS: DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

The TMNT are making a comeback! And lucky for us, Tonya has a clever idea for making really awesome DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes idea that utilizes a roasting pan!

DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

Don’t fight over who get s to be the purple turtle! See the full TMNT DIY costume tutorial over at Soiree Event.

GROUPS: Handmade Nativity Costumes

Gold Feathers and her sister in law made all of the cousins these adorable handmade nativity costumes for Christmas. They used left over fabric from her stash, and the claim there barley any sewing involved! My favorite kind of handmade costumes!


Here is a a wise man, Joseph, and an angel:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

Here is Mary and 2 shepherds:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

See all of the nativity scene costume deets and lots more pictures at Gold Feathers.

25 handmade group halloween costume ideas

Looking for clever handmade group Halloween costume ideas?! I’ve rounded up 25 super creative, handmade group halloween costume ideas for families, friends, co-workers, or whoever else you can gather to dress up with you this year!

Tons of great group Halloween costume ideas

1. Candy Land 

handmade family halloween costumes

2. Waldos and Wendas

Easy couple costume

3. Christmas Trees

group costume ideas

4.  Pinata + pinata stricker

group costume ideas5. Cast of Super Mario Brothers

group costume ideas

6. Super Mario Brothers

handmade mario and luigi costumes

7.  Ghost busters and ghost

group costume ideas

8. Farm (farmer, cow, rooster)

group costume ideas

9. Fred and Wilma

group costume ideas

10.  Smores

group costume ideas

11. Star Wars

group costume ideas

12. BLT

group costume ideas

13. Spice Girls

Handmade adult costumes

14. Jersey Shore cast (Snookie and her little boy, Lorenzo could be fun too)

group costume ideas

15. Paint Chips

group costume ideas

16. Wayne’s World

group costume ideas

17. Rock Paper Scissors

group costume ideas

 18. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

group costume ideas

19. Lego People

group costume ideas

20. Loofas

group costume ideas

21. Aces

group costume ideas

22. Words with Friends

group costume ideas

23. Snowmen (or ladies)

group costume ideas

24. Pac Man

group costume ideas

Easy adult Halloween costume
What’s your favorite group/ couple costume idea?