GROUPS: DIY adult skeleton costumes

Here’s a fun and fairly easy group costume for ya… gather up all of your friends and be an army of skeletons! And best of all, this is a new sew costume. Gold feathers made these Halloween costumes out of duct tape! Yep, it’s just white duct tape on black shirt and pants! Easy peasy!

DIY adult skeleton costumes

KIDS: DIY Jesse and Slinky Dog Costumes

I wasn’t sure if I should file this one under pets, kids, or groups! So, it’s officially under all 3 labels! Sherry from Young House Love made her beloved kids, Clara and pup, Burger a DIY Jesse and Slinky dog costumes from the movie, Toy Story. A pair of jeans got some white duck tape cow spots and Sherry made a simple giant yarn braid and attached it to a cowboy hat for Jesse. Burger the pup got a felt, no sew slinky wrap.

DIY jesse and Slinky dog costumes

See all of the Jesse and Slinky dog costume deets over at Young House Love. Oh and if you’re looking for more handamde Toy Story costumes, here’s another version of Toy Story Jesse and Mr Potato Head.

GROUP: Handmade Mario and Luigi Costumes

I love Super Mario Brothers as a kid… best video game ever. Amy from Maker Mama made her for kiddos a group costume based on the mario brothers video games. She found the sweet little girls Princess Peach and flower costumes at the second hand store.  The handmade Mario and Luigi costumes were made with custom hats, mustaches, and blue jean overalls!

handmade mario and luigi costumes

See all of the handmade Mario Brother group costume details overat Maker Mama.

GROUPS: Handmade Smore Costumes

Mackenzie from Cheerios and Lattes made her family of four into s’mores! And the best part, she made the handmade s’more costumes out of cardboard boxes and paint. No thread and needles needed! Oh and that little marshmallow  it’s just 2 pillows and velcro… genius!

handmade smore costume

See all of the S’more family costume deets at Cheerios and Lattes. And if you like this tasty costume, you’ll love this handmade family of desserts Halloween costumes!

GROUPS: Candy Land Costumes

I love board games! How fun would it be for the whole fam to dress up in handmade Candy Land costumes?! Meaningful Mama did just that! Here’s the low down on how she put the 5 costumes together:

  • Lolly – Purchased a little ballet outfit and sewed on the blue trim. Used colorful iron-on patches that I cut into circles and stripes and ironed them on to the skirt to look like lollipops. Used puff paint to add swirls to the lollipops. The crown was purchased and colorful stones added with a hot glue gun. Attached butterfly wings to the back of the ballet outfit.
  • Princess Frostine – The princess dress was found at Goodwill, and she sewed the cape and attached it to the dress with a broach!
  • Grandma Nut – The wig, purple tights, and green shoes were all thrift store items. She added a peanut to the shoes with a hot glue gun. The orange dress was sleeveless, and found at Goodwill. She sewed matching orange fabric to create the puff sleeves and the  green collar.
  • Mr. Mint – She recycled a Waldo shirt from another costume, and added duck tape to an almost all white hat. Duck tape was also used for his socks and axe. The red pants were found at Goodwill, and  stamped with fabric paint and some Christmas stamps. She bought suspenders at Good Will and added a mint button I found at the fabric store. The scarf and fluffy sock cuffs I sewed together using red and white fabric. The yellow garden gloves are from the garage, and they purchased the clown shoes and nose at Goodwill.
  • Gingerbread man costume was purchased.

handmade family halloween costumes

See lots more of Meaningful Mama’s clever Halloween costumes on her blog!

ADULTS: Pinata Costume

A Teaspoon of Happiness crafted up this really awesome handmade pinata costume from a cheap tank dress, crepe paper, and fabric glue! Yep, that’s right, it’s a no sew kind of costume… my favorite!

handmade pinata costume

See a full tutorial about how to make the DIY pinata dress at A Teaspoon of Happiness. I think pinatas would be another really fun group costume idea! And if you liked this costume, check out the DIY dog pinata costume!

ADULTS: Paper Doll Costume

How fun is this paper doll costume for Halloween? Megan from the Brassy Apple crafted up this really awesome paper doll costume for her daughter. She used foam core board, XACTO, spray adhesive, and fabric! Oh and don’t forget the most important part, the tabs!

DIY adult costume

Megan gives a handy tip, “Don’t make the dress too long, it’s hard to walk with a stiff dress hitting your knees!” See all of the handmade paper doll costume details at The Brassy Apple. I think this would be a super fun costume for a big group! Don’t you?

KIDS: Penguin Costume

Happy World Penguin Day! Learn something new everyday, right?!  In honor of World Penguin day, we’ve got an adorable handmade penguin costume for a kiddo. Make It and Love It sewed this really awesome handmade, fleece penguin costume for her baby girl. The best part, big brother was Bert and big sister was Mary Poppins! Tagging this post as a group costume, thank you very much! See the full penguin tutorial at Make It and Love It!

DIY Penguin costume

Oh and if you want a family costume, here are handmade Bert and Mary Poppins adult costumes! Happy World Penguin Day, friends!

Psst… here are 36 more handmade animal costumes for kids and adults.

GROUPS: Spice Girls Costume

These handmade adult costumes certainly spice things up a bit, ha! (I’m cheesy and I like it!) I found this picture at Costume Works, and the six girls decided to go as The McCormick spice girls! The spices included:

  • paprika
  • cayenne pepper
  • cilantro
  • garlic salt
  • black pepper
  • cinnamon


Handmade adult costumes

They used cardboard, stencils and crayons to make their DIY spice girls costumes! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… to talk my girlfriends into being the Spice Girls for Halloween. (No pun intended, ha!)
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KIDS: Mad Scientist Costume

In honor of World Laboratory Day, yep that exists! It’s today April 24th. We are celebrating with 2 different versions of a mad scientist costume. Both, of course, are really awesome and handmade! Nob Hill made her little boy a mad scientist costume with a large white button down, black pants, a crazy wig, and the most important accessory, lab goggles! Check it out:

Mad scientist costume

Real Simple did a preppier version of a mad scientist costume with a plaid button down, khakis, a bow tie and my favorite part a a test tube of gummy worms!

Mad scientist costume

I think a group costume of mad scientist would be super fun too!