ADULTS: Crochet Leprechaun beard

Do you know how to crochet? For $6.99 you can purchase this crochet leprechaun beard and beanie pattern and stitch you your loved one up an awesome St. Patrick’s Day costume! How cute would this be on a kiddo? Find the instructions and purchase the pattern here. FYI: St. Patricks day is on March 17th!

Crochet Leprechaun beard

KIDS: DIY Leprechaun costume

Raising Arizona Kids shared this awesome DIY leprechaun costume made by Paging Supermoms. I love that this DIY leprechaun costume for lots of reasons. 1: It’s made out of construction paper, something most of us already have on hand! 2: There are free printables to ensure that you get the shape of the hat and the beard just right! Not to mention it is easy enough for kids to make or at least help make!

DIY Leprechaun costume

See the full instructions and download the printables for the leprechaun dress up costume here.


KIDS: DIY Leprechaun beards

How fun are these DIY leprechaun beards in honor of St. Patricks Day?! French knots whipped these up with her boys with just a pipe cleaner and orange string! The fun hat came from the Dollar Store! I love that this costume was simple enough for her boys to make themselves!

DIY Leprechaun beardsSee the full leprechaun beard tutorial here.

DOGS: Crochet pot of gold hat

How cute is this crocheted pot of hold hat for your pooch on St. Patrick’s Day?! You can buy the handmade hat from Sweethoots on Etsy for $22. You can even order the same hat f or your self and match your dog, ha!

Crochet pot of gold hat

See all of the adoreable animal hats in Sweethoot’s Etsy store!

ADULTS: DIY Leprechaun and pot of gold costume

Hello lucky posted this amazing dad and baby costume. Dad is a leprechaun and his son is the pot of gold. It’s super genius because the plastic pot is actually attached to the baby backpack with Duck Tape so it’s an arms free costume too! The baby’s costume consists of a gold beanie and bib with chocolate coin wrappers hot glued to it! Perfect for a St. Patricks Day parade or heck, even for Halloween!


Leprechaun and pot of gold costume


See all of the Dad and baby leprechaun and pot of gold costume deets here.

KIDS: DIY St. Patricks day t-shirts

The girls over at eighteen 25 whipped up these adorable t-shirts for St. Patricks day using a Silhouette cutting machine. The kiddos are officially pinch proof! You could do the same thing with fabric paint and a stencil!

DIY St. Patricks Day T-shirts


See the full DIY St. Patricks day t-shirts tutorial here. Oh and they have a more manly version of the shirt too… it says Lucky U!