GROUPS: DIY Beanie Baby costume

You might remember the hoopla that surrounded the beanie baby toys in the 90’s. But, have you ever thought about dressing up as one for Halloween? All you need is in an animal print dress, ears,  and craft up the signature “Ty” heart tag. Grab a bunch of friends and be beanie babies this Halloween!

DIY Beanie Baby costume


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KIDS: DIY Robot costume

Jamie whipped up this amazing DIY robot costume for her son. I love that she used dryer vents for his arms and legs! How creative is that! She used spray adhesive to attach the tin foil to the boxes and red solo cups for the side of the robots head.

DIY Robot costume

See the complete DIY robot tutorial at Roubinek Reality!

KIDS: DIY My little pony costume

My little ponies were all the rage back in my day! I’m happy to see that they are makin’ a come back! Sugar Tart Crafts has 12 detailed tutorials about how to make this adorable DIY my little pony costume! I love how the costume turned out and what a fun dress up costume for after Halloween?!

DIY My little pony costumeHere is the first of twelve tutoirals to make the DIY my little pony costumes!


BABIES: Handmade doll costume

Hart + Sew crafted up the most adorable handmade wind up doll costume I’ve ever seen! The little doll is wearing a vintage dress and a headband. The wind up key is made out of a toilet paper roll, styrofoam ball, and cardboard cutout spray. She spray painted the wind up gold and used elastic bands around the babies arms to attach the key to the toilet paper roll. Oh and don’t forget the rosy cheeks!

Handmade doll costumeSee more pictures and details at Hart + Sew.


ADULTS: DIY Barbie costume

Dolly crafted up the perfect DIY Barbie costume! A pink bustier and a card board box she made to look like a Mattel Barbie box really make this costume come to life! I’m super impressed!

DIY Barbie costume


Find the original image here.

KIDS: DIY care bear costumes

This is a costume idea the whole family can get into, especially if you have little girls who love Care Bears.  See Vanessa Craft goes through all the steps to create these adorable costumes that include sweats (hoodie and pants) in any color that you just dye to match the Care Bear you’re trying to look like then use felt, pipe cleaners, yarn and puff paint to complete your look.  She even goes on to explain how to make a “cloud wagon” for your little Care Bears to ride around in.

DIY care bear costumes

Go check out the whole tutorial for these adorable DIY care bear costumes on See Vanessa Craft

KIDS: Handamde rag doll costume

The handmade rag doll costume was actually made for mother- daughter! What a fun idea, right?! A Beautiful Mess shares an awesome tutorial for making the yarn wig and gives lots of pointers on rounding up inexpensive rag doll outfits from your closet and second hand stores!

Handmade rag doll costume


See lots more adorable rag doll costume pictures and the complete tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

ADULTS: Paper Doll Costume

How fun is this paper doll costume for Halloween? Megan from the Brassy Apple crafted up this really awesome paper doll costume for her daughter. She used foam core board, XACTO, spray adhesive, and fabric! Oh and don’t forget the most important part, the tabs!

DIY adult costume

Megan gives a handy tip, “Don’t make the dress too long, it’s hard to walk with a stiff dress hitting your knees!” See all of the handmade paper doll costume details at The Brassy Apple. I think this would be a super fun costume for a big group! Don’t you?

KIDS: DIY GI Joe Costume

Rebekah from Wild Ink crafted up this really awesome DIY GI Joe costume for her little boy. She used thrift store clothing pieces, a few parts from the toy store, and some card board she had at home to turn her son into a plastic green army dude! Everything got a shiny coat of green spray paint and voila, meet the real life GI Joe!

DIY GI Joe Costume

See the full handmade GI Joe costume deets at Wild Ink.

KIDS: Troll

Jenn from Rook No. 7 crafted up this troll doll costume after scoring the wig on sale at Target. Jenn bought a turtle neck body suit, but you could  buy a khaki turtle neck from a tthrift store. She also has a handy tip to keep the jewel in place!

DIY Troll costumeSee all of the troll doll costume details at Rook No. 7.