ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone!

2 DIY Operation Game Costumes

Whether you are looking for a couples costume or a solo costume, here are two fun DIY Operation game costumes ideas for you to try.

1. DIY Couples Operation Costumes

Love game board and being comfortable? This couples costume is for you! Would you rather wear scrubs as the operator be the Operation game board in a grey sweat suit?

Operation couples costume

2. Easy DIY Operation Costume

This Arizona women turned herself into a living board game with a skin colored shirt and tights. She cut out bones and organs from car stock and attached them to her clothes. Don’t forget the red nose and your extractor tool!

DIY Operation game costume