KIDS: Pot of Flowers

Bobbie from Clumsy Crafter turned her adorable little girl into an extra cute pot of flowers! She made the flower pot Halloween  costume with a large bucket, fake flowers, a jump rope, and tape. And voila… the cutest pot of flowers you’ve ever seen!


flower pot halloween costume

See the step by step tutorial on how to make DIY flower pot costume on the Clumsy Crafter.

GROUP: No Sew Dessert Costumes

Kristen from Capturing Joy made these tasty treat no sew Dessert costumes for her neighbors! There is a cupcake, donut, frosted animal cracker, and a chocolate chip cookie! And the nest part, all 4 costumes were made with hot glue and safety pins. Easy and yummy! Oh and if you have a pooch, turn Fido into a Hostess cupcake to round off the family of desserts!

no sew dessert costumes

See the full tutorial on how to make the no sew dessert family costumes at Capturing Joy.

PETS: DIY Hostess Pet Costume

Sew Doggy Style turned her pooch into a hostess cupcake! This DIY Hostess pet costume is so cute I want to take a bite! There is a complete tutorial on how to sew the brown dog “coat” and then you just paint on a Hostess swirl. Voila!


See the full Hostess cupcake dog costume tutorial at Sew Doggy Style.

ADULTS: Carmen San Diego

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Right here! Jessica from What I Wore made this clever costume with stuff from her closet. You need 3 key pieces: red trench coat, purple hat, and a globe. Then just wear all black and voila… you’re Carmen! where in the world is carmen sandiego costume

See all of the DIY Carmen San Diego costume at What I Wore.

KIDS: DIY GI Joe Costume

Rebekah from Wild Ink crafted up this really awesome DIY GI Joe costume for her little boy. She used thrift store clothing pieces, a few parts from the toy store, and some card board she had at home to turn her son into a plastic green army dude! Everything got a shiny coat of green spray paint and voila, meet the real life GI Joe!

DIY GI Joe Costume

See the full handmade GI Joe costume deets at Wild Ink.

PETS: DIY Hot Dog Pet Costume

Caron yarns crafted up this adorable DIY hot dog pet costume for Fido. I love the mustard. If it’s cold in October, your pooch might really appreciate this soft, snuggly coat on Halloween night!

diy hot dog pet costume

You can find the crochet pattern and material list for the DIY hot dog costume at Caron yarns.

BABIES: Octopus

Taylor from Taylor Made whipped up this clever little octopus creation for her sweet boy. And it all started with a onesie! She made an “octopus leg belt” our of an XL man’s t-shirt.

DIY baby octopus costume

I love the details of this costume… see the little suckers she glued to the bottom of the tentacles… cute!

Handmade baby octopus costume

See all of the baby octopus costume details on Taylor Made.

GROUP: Words with Friends

My clever friends in Chicago came up with this handmade group costume! And it just so happes to be one of my favorite past times… Word with Friends! This costume is simple to make and almost free. Everyone wears black clothes, then find some old cardboard boxes and spray paint yellow, paint one letter on your yellow cardboard square. Next, attach the cardboard square to ribbon or to suspenders and start making words with your friends!

Handmade group costume

See lots more DIY group costume ideas at C.R.A.F.T.

KIDS: Troll

Jenn from Rook No. 7 crafted up this troll doll costume after scoring the wig on sale at Target. Jenn bought a turtle neck body suit, but you could  buy a khaki turtle neck from a tthrift store. She also has a handy tip to keep the jewel in place!

DIY Troll costumeSee all of the troll doll costume details at Rook No. 7.

KIDS: Gnome

My Sparkle made the cutest gnome costume I’ve ever seen! She used a pattern to make the purple dress, created an apron out of embroidered cotton ribbon, and sewed the hat  with red felt. Add braided pig tails, and you’ve got yourself an adorable little gnome!

Gnome costume

See all of the gnome costume details at Sparkle Me.