COUPLES: Handmade Mermaid and Pirate Costumes

I shared the DIY adult mermaid costume deets yesterday, and today I’m showing you how Chelsea created a handmade pirate costume for the hubby! Here is what Chelsea had to say about how she put together the pirate costume, “My husband’s costume was a combo of thrift finds, torn, tattered and stained. We added some eyeliner and a scar, a tattoo sleeve found at the dollar store, some fake jewelry, and, believe it or not, that scarf on his head and wooden sword at his waist are both his.

I love that they are at a Halloween event called Trunk or Treat! Which means you dress up and then incorporate the trunk of your bar into part of your costume. Chelsea turned the trunk into a shell to go with her mermaid attire. She made the shell from 6 pieces of foam board, acrylic paint, glitter, and fishing line. She cut a stool-sized hole in the bottom half so I could sit in my shell. The “water” is an iridescent door curtain!


Handmade mermaid-and-pirate costumes

Awesome job, Chelsea! See more pictures at Chelsea’s blog.

ADULTS: DIY mermaid costume

Chelsea from Buy me Love and her hubs are Halloween costume making pros! They participate in a fun church event called Trunk or treat and dress up and decorate the trunk of the truck to hand out candy to the kiddos (or anyone who wants it)! Chelsea made herself a DIY mermaid costume and her turned her trunk into a shell… genius! Chelsea said, “I made my ear “fins” from floral wire and tulle, and meticulously hand sewed sequins. I wore a nude tank top and pinned my hand sewn shells on. Then I sewed a fin, using a skirt as a pattern, and added tulle fins. I was covered in glitter and blue and green makeup, and found that delightfully tacky wig at Goodwill. Don’t worry – it was new and unused!”

DIY adult mermaid costume

See more DIY mermaid deets and pictures over at Chelsea’s blog!

KIDS: DIY Starbucks halloween costume

Raise your hand if you love Starbucks? Me! Now would you turn your kiddo into your favorite beverage? You have to admit that thus grande frappuchino is pretty dang cute! The details (and that cute face) are what make this costume extra special… I love the straw headband and the nutrion facts candy bag… ah- freakin-dorable!

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

There are no instructions but you can see the back of the on the DIY Starbucks halloween costume on the Startbucks website.

Handmade owl costumes

Owls are known for their distinct calls, nocturnal habits and silent flight. nocturnal habits and silent flight flight an owl the perfect Halloween costume! Here are 5 different versions of handmade owl costumes for kids and adults!

1. Owl Halloween costume made out of a sweat shirt

handmade owl costume

2. Owl costume made out of a pillow case

handmade owl costume

3. No sew baby owl costume

No Sew Baby Owl Costume


4. DIY baby owl costume from a onesie

diy baby owl costume

5. Handmade colorful owl wings

handmade owl costumes


KIDS: DIY vegetable costumes

Happy National Vegetable day, friends! In honor of the big day, I’ve rounded up 3 really awesome diy vegetable costumes.

Handmade vegetable halloween costumes

1. Check out this link for a detailed DIY baby carrot costume tutorial. If you’re looking for an adult costume, check out this tutorial.

DIY carrot costume

2. Tomato

diy veggie costume

3. Broccoli

diy veggie costume for kids

What’s your favorite vegetable?

BABY: Handmade Thor Costume

Do you know who this is?

handamde thor costume

Amber made her little boy a handmade DIY costume for Halloween. How cute is he? And best of all, you can download her free baby Thor crochet helmet pattern right here

DIY Thor costume

Handmade super hero cape

You never know when you’re going to need a quick, cute super hero cape! Lauren made this really awesome cape for her daughter to play dress up, and best of all she made it out of an old t-shirt!

handmade super hero capeSee the full handmade super hero cape costume over at Tutu’s and tea parties.

GROUPS: DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

The TMNT are making a comeback! And lucky for us, Tonya has a clever idea for making really awesome DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes idea that utilizes a roasting pan!

DIY teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

Don’t fight over who get s to be the purple turtle! See the full TMNT DIY costume tutorial over at Soiree Event.

DIY Donut Costume

Happy national donut day! In honor of the big day, we’re celebrating with 3 really awesome diy donut costumes for kids and adults!

3 DIY Donut costumes made out of innertubes

Cheryl made this donut costume out of an inner tube and paint.  She said the hardest things about it was finding an inner tube in late October! (Here’s an inner tube that would work great from for $6!) See the full tutorial on her blog, New House to Home.

DIY donut costume

Craftster has a really awesome donut video you can watch here. They also make the donut costume with an inner tube and spray paint. Make sure to use spray paint that works on plastic!

DIY donut costume

Here’s another version of a handmade donut costume also made from an inner tube, but worn around the waste with a t-shirt that says Dunkin’ Donuts!

DIY donut costume

Happy donut day!

GROUPS: Handmade Nativity Costumes

Gold Feathers and her sister in law made all of the cousins these adorable handmade nativity costumes for Christmas. They used left over fabric from her stash, and the claim there barley any sewing involved! My favorite kind of handmade costumes!


Here is a a wise man, Joseph, and an angel:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

Here is Mary and 2 shepherds:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

See all of the nativity scene costume deets and lots more pictures at Gold Feathers.