KIDS: DIY Coppertone costume

This and the Starbuck’s frappuchino costumes are 2 of my very favorite handmade kid costumes! They’re so cute and clever! A Party Styled turned her blonde hair blue eyed baby into the iconic Coppertone baby with a tan body suit, blue undies, blue ribbons, and a stuffed dog! Ahhh-dooor-able and best of all, easy!

DIY coppertone baby costume

GROUP: DIY Pilgrims and Turkey Costumes

Need a costume for a November race? Really Awesome Costumes has got you covered! How about a turkey complete with a brown tutu and pilgrims! Fun, right? Or if you just love turkey day, this could be a clever group costume for Halloween! The white details on the pilgrims is just white felt! See all of the pilgrim and turkey costume deets at Life’s a Wheeze!


DIY pilgrims and turkey costumes

KIDS: Homemade little orphan Annie costume

I super love the movie, Annie. OK, fine I love anything Annie… broadway, songs, Sandy…  it’s such a sweet, optimistic show! Anyhow, how fun would it be to dress your little up in a homemade little orphan Annie costume? All you need is a red t-shirt, white paper collar, white belt, and of course you’ll need a crazy red wig. Oh and some cute little freckles would be awesome too. See all of the orphan Annie costume deets at Theatre Mania!

Homemade little orphan Annie costume

ADULTS: DIY Kim Kardashian Costume

Love her or hate her… you all know the infamous Kim Kardashian! Sammy Davis put together this funny costume with things from the closet and thrift stores… Just add a baby doll with a North West name tag and you’re good to go!


DIY Kim Kardashian Costume

See the full DIY Kim Kardashian Halloween costume deets here.

HOUSE: Monster porch {Halloween decorations}

It’s a Halloween costume for your house! Turn your entry way into a monster with foam board and paint! Nifty, thrifty, and thriving has all of the house to monster deets on her blog. She also mentioned how fun it is to watch passersby slow down and admire the monster on the house!

Halloween decorations

COUPLES: DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

Chels from Buy me Love, crafted up these fun Wizard of Oz inspired costumes and even created a yellow brick road scene in the trunk of her car! Pretty dang cute, huh?! She said, “I made the hub’s costume from sweats, raffia and elastic. I sewed the hat with fleece scraps, and painted his face.” The Dorothy costume dress was bought and she added lace to the hem for length.  The yellow brick road and rainbow trunk scene was made from papers, glitter glues, fake poppies, paint, and a plastic tablecloth.


DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

If you want to see more deets about the DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes, check out Buy me Love.

ADULT: Handmade Psy (Gangnam Style) Costume

I know you’ve heard of Gangnam style! Love it or hate it… It’s everywhere these days. Why not just embrace it and dress up like Psy for Halloween! You can go around yelling, “Hey, you sexy lady!” and it is actually part of your costume! Riann shows us how to copy Psy’s looks with outfits and makeup! Check out the written details on her blog, Riann Star. Or watch her on this YouTube vide:

KIDS: DIY toilet costume

I bet you’ve never seen a DIY toilet costume before?! Mother and son created this costume together with white duck tape, an aluminum foil handle on a card board box, and a fresh new, foam toilet seat from their local home improvement store. I also love that the candy bag is doing double duty! The white trash bag is attached under the toilet seat rim so that the candy givers can open the lid and allow the candy to fall right into the bag, ha! The bag doubles to camouflage the boy’s lower body as a toilet! Perfect!

DIY toilet costume

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COUPLES: DIY Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife costume

Love it or hate it, I know you’ve heard of Dog the Bounty Hunter! Creative blog spot shared a fun handmade version of the infamous Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth. All you need to make your very own Dog costume is a black shirt, jeans, a long blonde wig, one big earring, and of course, a badge hanging on a chain around your neck. To be Beth, you just need long blond hair (or wig!), tight shirt and jeans, a lei around your neck, and stuff a pillow in your  shirt! Voila!

DIY Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife costume

COUPLES: Handmade Peas and Carrots Costume

This is one cute (and yummy!) couple costume! Christine and her significant other hand made peas and carrots costumes. How awesome is that! The leafy green part of the carrot is made out of felt, bendy straws and the top of a plastic drink bottle. Genius, if you ask me! The body of both costumes are made out of felt. The USDA organic labels were made out of printable fabric sheets and hot glued on the felt costumes. Adorable!

Handmade Peas and Carrots Costume

See more pics and costume details, check out Christine’s blog, Unspeakable Visions.