ADULT: Van Gogh painting costume

Here’s a super clever DIY adult Halloween costume… turn yourself into a self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh! For this costume you’ll need to use chalk on a black thrift store suit jacket and be prepared to grow out your beard and dye it red. Paint a straw hat with short lines of color and continue that pattern on your face. This is one clever DIY adult Halloween costume!

Here is the actual Vincent Van Gogh self portrait:

ADULT: Price is Right Contestant Costume

I LOVE the game show, The Price is Right, and thus, I heart this genius DIY costume idea! The B-Side blog wore a Dartmouth sweatshirt and used foam board to create his Price is Right screen. Use ribbon or string to tie the board around your neck, like a giant necklace. And your all ready to “Come on down to contestant’s row!” This DIY Price is Right contestant costume would make Bob Barker proud.

DIY Price is Right Contestant Costume

See more pictures and details of this DIY adult costume over at the B-Side blog. Oh and be sure to spay and neuter your pets!

KIDS: Homemade bee costume

Happy national honey bee day! Ruth made homemade bee costumes for her sweet little girl out of pillow cases! Then she found tooth fairy wings at the Dollar Store and dyed them black. The last necessary bee accessory was antennae… she made those out of a plastic headband, pipe cleaners, and pom poms! Black tights and black flats complete this adorable little bee!

Homemade bee costume

See more homemade bee costume pictures over at Living well, spending less.

ADULT: DIY American Idol Costume

Here is an awesome idea for a clever, easy last minute adult DIY costume! Love it or hate it, everyone has heard of the TV show, American Idol!  And for one day of the year, you too can embrace your inner voice and pretend you earned a golden ticket and made it to Hollywood!

In my opinion, the best part of this costume is you can wear your own clothes. Just make your hair cute, I mean you were just auditioning to be on American Idol, ha! The other important part of this costume, are these 2 printables. No worries, I’m making this the world’s easiest Halloween costume, and whipped up the 2 prinatbles for free for you to download!

Download the {American Idol number printable here}

Download the {“You made it to Hollywood” ticket here}

Oh and be sure and print the “You made it to Hollywood” ticket on golden colored paper!

DIY American Idol contestant costume

And just a side note, this costume idea came from a friend of a friend at a 2012 Halloween party in Ft. Lauderdale! She was also a pro at doing the “I made it to Hollywood” squeal!