KIDS: DIY Pinata costume

Parties for pennies crafted up an awesome (and super simple) DIY pinata costume using a paper bag and crepe paper. Genius! I also love the little sign she added, “Fill with candy here!” This costume is no sew and costs under $5 bucks to make… perfect!

DIY Pinata costume


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KIDS: DIY Firefighter costume

Parties for Pennies turned her little boys into firefighters with some simple items you most likely have at home! You’ll need black pants, shoes, a white t-shirt, and yellow Duck Tape. Oh and of course red fire fighter hats!

DIY Firefighter costumeFor the full DIY firemen costume tutorial, check out Parties for Pennies.


ADULTS: DIY Barbie costume

Dolly crafted up the perfect DIY Barbie costume! A pink bustier and a card board box she made to look like a Mattel Barbie box really make this costume come to life! I’m super impressed!

DIY Barbie costume


Find the original image here.

COUPLES: Forrest Gump and Jenny costume

Forrest Gump is one of my all time favorite movies, so I’m pretty excited to share this DIY Forrest Gump and Jenny costume idea with y’all. The costume idea and beautiful pictures are from Mary Costa. I think the key elements of this costume are the plaid shirt and red hat for Forrest and the flower headband, instrument, and hippie dress for Jenny! It’s perfect!

Forrest Gump and Jenny costumeSee lots more details of this creative couples costume on Mary Costa.

ADULTS: No sew bunny ears

These super cute no sew bunny ears are perfect for everyone! And best of all, they are so easy to make you can make them for everyone! One little minute whipped these up with a hot glue gun, felt, a headband, and blush! Yep, blush like you put on your face! Aren’t the fun?

No sew bunny ears

See the full no sew bunny ears tutorial here.

KIDS: DIY Gumball machine costume

Parcel post crafted up a gumball machine for their son for Halloween. The gum ball machine even worked and a gum ball came could be pushed out of the dispenser when the wheel turned. How awesome is that? There are not detailed instructions about how the costume was made, but I think it would be easiest (and lightest) to make it out of cardboard and paint!

DIY Gumball machine costume