ADULTS: DIY angel wings costume

A Thrifty Diva came up with this quick, easy and cheap way to create beautiful angel wings! She cut a wing shape out of cardboard, and then traced that shape to cut out the other wing so they matched. Then she just glued little pieces of toilet tissue to them and attached a ribbon to create a strap. Voila – angel wings! The best thing is that you can do this with items you probably already have in your house, and you can wear the wings with almost any outfit to make a fast DIY costume!

DIY Angel Wings Costume

For the full angel wings tutorial head on over to A Thrifty Diva. Angel wings aren’t just for adults – check out this cute DIY baby cupid costume.

KIDS: DIY spiderman costume

Heather crafted up this awesome spiderman costume for her son. The diy spiderman costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is mostly made out of felt and craft paint! And best of all, this is a new sew costume! Heather has the step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns.

DIY spiderman costumeSee lots more DIY spiderman costume pictures and full tutorial at Twin dragonfly designs.

COUPLES: DIY grumpy old couple costume

You definitely need a little attitude to pull off Morena’s Corner’s grumpy old man and woman costume! Pick up most of the pieces you need at a local thrift store. For the man, all you need is a vintage button-down and trousers; to make the look more authentic, leave the fly down and pull a little bit of the shirt through. For the woman, an old house coat or dress works fine. She used bubble wrap to create curves in all the right places!

DIY Grumpy Old Couple