5 handmade sushi costumes

If you’re a sushi lover, here’s the perfect costume for you! Best of all, we’ve rounded up 5 handmade sushi costumes perfect for every member of the family, including your pooch! Check ’em out:

DIY sushi costumes for everyone!

1. DIY sushi kid costume

DIY Sushi costume


2. Handmade sushi costume for a dog:

DIY sushi dog costume

3. Sushi costume for a baby:

handmade baby costume

4. DIY Sushi costume for a child:

Handmade Halloween costumes

5. DIY adult sushi costume:

DIY Sushi costume


KIDS: DIY Sushi costume

Love sushi? How about a crafting up a DIY Sushi costume for your kiddos? This is one impressive costume, and I love that  Style me pretty has detailed instructions about how to make this handmade sushi costume. It all starts with circles of cardboard wrapped in white fabric! Oh and don’t forget the ginger and wasabi headband!

DIY Sushi costume


For lots more pictures and costume instructions check out Style me Pretty.

BABIES: DIY Sunflower costume

Handmade by Jill sewed this adorable DIY sunflower costume for her sweet baby girl. She has links for exact tutorials she used to sew the top and bottom of the costume on her blog. The flower “necklace” is a template she found on Martha Stewart! It’s made with felt and uses velcro to fasten, and I love that you can make your little flower any color. How cute would it be to get a few babies together for Halloween and have a bouquet?!

DIY Sunflower costumeSee more pictures and details at Homemade by Jill.


PETS: DIY Flower pet costume

Turn your pooch or kitty into a flower for Halloween with this simple DIY flower pet costume or “flower necklace”!  The flower attaches around your pets collar with velcro! It’s made out of felt and you can make it any color you’d like. You will find a sunflower or petal pattern as a free download on Martha Stewarts website with a complete tutorial for putting this costume together.

DIY Flower pet costume

ADULTS: DIY Birthday cake costume

Studio DIY crafted up this DIY Birthday cake costume out of cardboard, crepe paper, and Elmer’s glue! The candle headband is made out of card stock! What a cure costume idea for someone with a Halloween birthday! Oh and don’t forget to add sprinkles to your heels!

DIY Birthday cake costumeSee the step by step DIY birthday cake costume tutorial at Studio DIY.

KIDS: DIY Airplane costume

Arlene, a Really Awesome Costumes reader, sent in this adorable DIY airplane costume she made for her nephew. She made the costume out of cardboard, butcher paper and mod podge. To attach the cardboard pieces to each other she uses whatever it takes: glue gun, staples, and duct tape! You can see the red duct tape she used to attach the back portion of the plane!

This adorable airplane costume even won Chace an opportunity to be an honorary Virgin Atlantic captain for the day at LAX! How neat is that?!

DIY Airplane costume

ADULTS: DIY Sushi costume

Here is a unique DIY adult Halloween costume… why not craft up a shrimp nigiri sushi roll costume complete with a ginger and wasabi headband. I love that she used an old foam mattress to make the shrimp part of the roll and packing peanuts glued together as a layer of rice. Genius! See the full DIY sushi costume tutorial and a lot more pictures at Inhabitat.

DIY Sushi costume