KIDS: DIY Jet pack costume

Arelene, who also made this awesome DIY airplane costume, whipped up this really awesome DIY jet pack costume for her son! To make the jet pack she used two empty, clean cake boxes and rolled them into cylinders.  She spray painted them silver and used hot glue and duct tape to hold the cylinders together.  She attached a foam disk to the top of each jet pack. Arlene then attached garters to the jet pack to make the jet pack fit like a backpack over her sons shoulders. She attached different shades of red, orange, and yellow fabric to the bottom of the jet pack to look like flames. The flame pants were made by attaching fabric to a pair of athletic shorts with hot glue! The fake legs are just a pair of jeans stuffed with a hose and batting. She  attached Converse shoes at the bottom of the pant legs to finish up the costume! Nice work, Arelene!

DIY Jet pack costume