ADULTS: DIY mermaid costume

Chelsea from Buy me Love and her hubs are Halloween costume making pros! They participate in a fun church event called Trunk or treat and dress up and decorate the trunk of the truck to hand out candy to the kiddos (or anyone who wants it)! Chelsea made herself a DIY mermaid costume and her turned her trunk into a shell… genius! Chelsea said, “I made my ear “fins” from floral wire and tulle, and meticulously hand sewed sequins. I wore a nude tank top and pinned my hand sewn shells on. Then I sewed a fin, using a skirt as a pattern, and added tulle fins. I was covered in glitter and blue and green makeup, and found that delightfully tacky wig at Goodwill. Don’t worry – it was new and unused!”

DIY adult mermaid costume

See more DIY mermaid deets and pictures over at Chelsea’s blog!

ADULTS: Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

Which one is the real Willie? Can you even tell? Ha!


Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

If you’re from Texas, like me, Willie is a staple! Gold Feathers‘ husband was Willie Nelson for Halloween last year. Pretty awesome, huh? Pretty easy to put together too! All you need is a plaid shirt, jeans, a bandanna, sun glasses, and long wig would be good! Oh and how fun is her handmade owl costume?

Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

Easy handmade cowboy vest for a kid

Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts whipped up a 15 minute felt handmade cowboy vest for her sweet kiddo. You could use a sewing machine or just glue! And look how happy his new cowboy vests makes him… !

Easy kid handmade cowboy vest

See the step by step 15 minute cowboy vest details over at 30 Minute Crafts.

COUPLES: Waldo and Wenda Costumes

Jodi from Meaningful Mama is at it again… this time with a fun and easy couple costume. It’s Waldo and Wend from my beloved childhood books! Side note: Those books are genius, it kept me and siblings busy for hours searching for Waldo and the books he dropped! To make the costumes, Jodi and her husband used red fabric paint on plain white t-shirts. They purchased the glasses and beanies. You could also use red duck tape for the stripes, if you had that handy!

 Easy couple costume

Check out lots more handmade costumes by Jodi from the Meaningful Mama.

KIDS: Homemade Nurse Costume

Happy National nurse day! My sister is an ER nurse, and I super thankful there are people like her to take care of us when we’re sick. I’m not good at that! In honor of National nurse day, I’m sharing 2 homemade nurse costumes for the kiddos. Obviously, these could be done in big kid sizes too! The first nurse costume is from Ziggity Zoom and started as a pillow case. I love me a pillow case costume! With a few cuts and stitched later, you’ve got a nurse (or Dr.) coat! Add headband, nametag, and a thermometer and you’re ready for patience!

homemade nurse costume

Spoonful did another handmade nurse costume with all white clothes, clipboard, and a full tutorial on how to make a nurses hat!

homemade nurse halloween costume

Thank you, nurses, for being awesome!

KIDS: Homemade Scuba Diver Costume

Lindsay at the Artsy Fartsy Mama crafted up a clever homemade scuba diver costume for her little miss! The costume started as a plain black shirt and black pants. Lindsay and her husband made an air tank out of 2 liter soda bottles, spray paint, and cord keeper tube! The pink fins are made of craft foam and taped to her shoes. I love that she even has her weights attached to her waist to help her submerge  She looks ready to scuba dive to me!

homemade scuba diver costume

KIDS: Mad Scientist Costume

In honor of World Laboratory Day, yep that exists! It’s today April 24th. We are celebrating with 2 different versions of a mad scientist costume. Both, of course, are really awesome and handmade! Nob Hill made her little boy a mad scientist costume with a large white button down, black pants, a crazy wig, and the most important accessory, lab goggles! Check it out:

Mad scientist costume

Real Simple did a preppier version of a mad scientist costume with a plaid button down, khakis, a bow tie and my favorite part a a test tube of gummy worms!

Mad scientist costume

I think a group costume of mad scientist would be super fun too!