BABIES: DIY grape costume

Craft Snob whipped up this adorable DIY grape costume for her baby. She made the hat out of a t-shirt and the body it made out of purple pom poms and stretchy purple material. You can either hot glue the pom poms onto the fabric or sew… your choice!


DIY grape costume


See the complete DIY baby grape tutorial at Craft Snob.

COUPLES: DIY Pirate costumes

Foster to Forever crafted up these pirate costumes for her family before going on a Disney cruise where there was going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean night! I love that you can use the costumes for a Disney cruise or for Halloween. The essential pieces for the female pirate are a red and white striped shirt, black pants, red sash, black boots and course a pirate hat and patch! For the boy pirate you need a a white shirt, black pants, black boots, a red sash, bandana, an eye patch and an earring!

DIY Halloween costumes

See all of the couples pirate costume details on Foster to Forever!

KIDS: Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

Foster to Forever put together this super easy and cute Handmade Mickey Mouse costume. All you need is a black turtle neck, red shorts, yellow felt, white gloves, and of course… mouse ears! Any round animal ear would work! Then, just add a nose and big smile and voila.. an adorable Mickey Mouse!

Handamde Mickey Mouse costume

See the full DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween costume tutorial at Foster to Forever!

GROUPS: Captain Planet costumes

Group Halloween costumes are always fun! And here’s one that brings back the good ol’ memories of Saturday morning cartoons. I used to love Captain Planet! I mean after all, Captain Planet and his Planeteers make recycling cool! Each person needs a different colored t-shirt, khaki shorts, and or course a big chunky ring! Captain planet needs green hair, red cape a giant gold belt buckle! Check out this picture of the cartoon characters for more ideas of what to wear.


Captain planet costume

Image via here.

KIDS: DIY pilot costume

Amber whipped up this incredibly cute DIY pilot + airplane costume for her daughter, Romana! She had the aviator hat on hand from a previous photo booth, so all she had to do was craft up an airplane! She used cardboard boxes, dowels, spray paint, and styrofoam to create this one of a kind pink airplane.

8129746879_a49c3a28cf_oTo see a full picture tutorial, check out her blog, Wills Casa.

ADULTS: DIY tooth fairy costume

Heidi from Happiness Homemade put together this awesome DIY tooth fairy costume for herself! She re purposed her wedding dress as a tooth fairy dress, although you could use any white dress! Heidi crafted up a tooth fairy wand, a stary glitter headband and added some store bought wings…. perfect! Now she just needs a tiny little bag to keep all of the teeth in that she picks up every night!

DIY tooth fairy costume


See the the full DIY tooth fairy Halloween costume on Heidi’s blog, Happiness Homemade!

ADULTS: Cut out spider web cape

Delia from Delia Creates created this amazing cut out spider web cape with fleece fabric! It’s a no sew costume accessory plus it is super versatile! Delia paired it with witch accessories, but you could easily attach a giant spider to your back and be a spider for Halloween! It’s kind of of like creating a giant snowflake.

Cut out spider web cape

See the complete no sew spider web cape tutorial at Delia Creates.

KIDS: DIY Pippi Longstocking costume

Jessica from Mom 4 Real used mis matched pieces from her and her daughters existing wardrobe to create this really awesome DIY Pippi Long stocking costume! The colorful striped socks, cute freckles, and those braided pip tails definitely complete the look! Jessica even shared the braided pig tails sticking straight out secret… I’ll give you a hint, you can find the secret ingredient in your back yard. You can also use floral wire, but that’s not free, ha! Just for fun, did you know that Pippi Longstocking was first a series of children’s books that was turned into a movie in 1949!

DIY pippi longstocking costume

See more pictures and the full tutorial over at Mom 4 Real.

KIDS: No sew Elmo costume


McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam crafted up this really awesome no sew Elmo costume for her adorable little girl. She used a red long sleeve shirt, red sweat pants, and fabric glue for the Elmo suit. The headband is just feathers, felt, and hot glue… I love it! Oh and if you live where it’s cold for Halloween, this is absolutely perfect!

No sew elmo costume

See tons more cute pictures and a complete tutorial over at Girl Love Glam.

KIDS: DIY mummy costume

All you need to make this awesome DIY mummy costume is a sheet! Seriously, true! Janel from Nellie Bellie found a  clearance white sheet and literally just ripped it up and wrapped it around her kiddo! What an awesome mummy costume!

DIY mummy costume

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