KIDS: DIY Morton salt lady costume

Simple Simon and Company is sharing some simple DIY costumes of Halloween past… The DIY Morton salt lady costume is one of my favorite!  All you need is a yellow dress, a purple umbrella, and of course a giant salt container!


DIY morton salt lady costume
See more pictures and lots more simple costumes here.

ADULT: DIY Minion costume

Here’s another really awesome handmade costume that was a serious labor of love! While They Snooze created this DIY minion costume! What a Minion you ask? Minions are the wide eyed stars of the movie series, Despicable Me! Sarah has a complete supply list along with a full tutorial to teach you how to make your very own Minion costume. The eyes are made out of 2 pint cans of paint… genius, huh?!

DIY minion costume


See lots more pictures and the full tutorial at While They Snooze.

KIDS: Handamde rag doll costume

The handmade rag doll costume was actually made for mother- daughter! What a fun idea, right?! A Beautiful Mess shares an awesome tutorial for making the yarn wig and gives lots of pointers on rounding up inexpensive rag doll outfits from your closet and second hand stores!

Handmade rag doll costume


See lots more adorable rag doll costume pictures and the complete tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

KIDS: Homemade Kent Clark costume

Here is an adorable homemade costume idea that is sure to get tons of compliments! Wait ’til your father gets home put together a super costume for her toddler. And best of all, you probably have most of the supplies at home… the homemade Kent Clark costume essentials are black pants, white button shirt, black suspenders, black framed glasses, and black shoes!

Homemade Kent Clark costume

See the full tutorial and lots more costume pictures on her blog, Wait ’til your father gets home.

COUPLES: DIY Lego people costumes

This is seriously one of the most awesome couples costumes I’ve seen in maybe… ever! Sew Woodsy handmade DIY lego people costumes! Katie did say they were pretty labor intensive and took 40+ hours of sweat and tears, but both of the costumes were made for only $30! That’s really awesome if you ask me! The handmade lego people were over 7 feet tall and Jon and Katie actually looked through the mouth of the costume. These costumes are sure to win you a prize in the costume contest!

DIY Lego costumes


For detailed instructions and tons more pictures, check out their blog, Sew Woodsy!

KIDS: DIY Charlie Brown Costume

Rachel from R & R Workshop made a simple and sweet Halloween costume for her little boy… It’s a DIY Charlie Brown costume! It’s super simple and a good ol’ no sew costume… Gotta love that! All you need is a yellow t-shirt, black felt and a hot glue gun! Easy peasy!

DIY Charlie Brown Costume


See more pictures and the complete tutorial at R & R Workshop!

KIDS: Handamde Gator Boys Costumes

Have you every heard of the show Gator Boys? For those of you that don’t know, it comes on Animal Planet and it’s about “two extraordinary alligator trappers who risk injury and death to hand-capture nuisance alligators that have invaded the back yards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms of Florida Everglades residents.” Kimberly from a A Night Owl whipped up these awesome handmade Gator Boys costumes for her kiddos since they love the show! The costume is no sew and involves just a little painting a crafting up an alligator tooth necklace and cowboy hat. Camouflage pants and a blue bandana and your all set!


Gator boys costume

See more pictures and a full tutorial at A Night Owl.

Couples: DIY Calvin and Hobbes Costume

I realize this is not exactly a couple, but it’s a couple of people… a mama and a sweet baby dressing up as Calvin and Hobbes! A well crafted party made herself a tiger hoodie with a black fabric marker and some cute ears. Hobbes just needs a red and black striped t-shirt and black pants! The blonde hair definitely helps too! Easy peasy!


Calvin and Hobbes costume

COUPLES: Handmade Pinterest costumes

Here’s a unique costume I bet you haven’t seen yet! It’s Pinterest board and Pin This! The handmade Pinterest couple costume attended a Halloween party at A well crafted party! It’s a fairly simple costume, you need a black dress and lots of square/ rectangular pictures pinned to your dress! The other half simply needs a sign that says, “Pin This”. Easy enough and super unique!

Handmade Pinterest costumes

KIDS: Homemade She-Ra Costume

What kiddo doesn’t want to be a super hero princess?! Marissa from Raegun Ramblings hand sewed this really awesome handmade She-Ra costume for her niece. What a nice aunt! For those of you that don’t know, She-Ra is the princess of Power and debuted in 1985 in the movie The Secret of the Sword. She-Ra reappeared in a He-Man video game in 2012. You definitely need to be a decent seamstress to make this awesome costume, but there are very detailed directions over at Reagun Ramblings!


Homemade She-Ra Costume