KIDS: Homemade bum costume

I know that not everyone will appreciate this costume, but I for one think it’s pretty clever! Nicole posted this picture on the Really Awesome Costumes facebook page, and said her 1 1/2 year old son really enjoyed pushing his candy in the cart versus carrying it! Another great thing, this is a no sew costume and if you live where it’s cold for Halloween, just add some layers to complete the look! They key elements to this costume are a beanie, a beard, flannel, and that grocery  cart filled plastic bags and gloves.


Homemade baby bum costume

So, do you think the homemade bum costume is appropriate or not? There was lots more discussion about it on this handmade kid costume round up post, if you’re interested!

KIDS: DIY Zookeeper Costume

Here is a super easy, cute last minute costume for your little one, it’s a DIY zookeeper costume! Jes from Mommy Envy out this adorable little costume together. All you need is a denim shirt, khaki pants, a walkie talkie and a zoo keeper badge! Oh and of course some stuffed zoo animals to “keep”! Oh and did I mention this is a no sew costume too… perfecto!

DIY Zookeeper Costume

For more cute pictures and all of the zookeeper details check out Mommy Envy!

KIDS: DIY Rockstar costume

Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts whipped up this totally rad DIY rockstar costume for her kiddo! And best of all, it only took 30 minutes and did I mention it is a new so costume! She cut the sleeves off of an old t-shirt, added gold shimmer iron on stars, rocked out a pair of inexpensive  sunglasses, and spiked her boys hair. I love it!

DIY Rockstar costume

See all of the DIY rockstar costume details on 30 Minute Crafts!

ADULT: DIY Scrabble costume

Here’s a clever Halloween costume… a DIY Scrabble costume! It looks like Sara sewed her own dress and used card board letters to spell out the Scrabble words, but I think this could be done no sew too! If you could find a cheap white dress, you could use paint pens, duck tape or iron on fabric to create boxes. Then just write in your “double word scores” and spell out your words! I like that Sara’s scrabble costume even makes a political statement!

DIY scrabble costume


See more details at Sara’s blog, Feeding the soil.

ADULT: Handmade Rubiks cube costume

I love the rubik’s cube! I wish I could say I can do the whole cube, but that would be lying. I can, however, do one side really good and really fast, ha! Emily turned her husband into a life size rubik’s cube with a cardboard box, spray paint, felt, and a hot glue gun. I for one, am super duper impressed! Oh and I love that this costume could easily be made for a kid too. Another fun idea, would be to make the squares velcro so that you could actually move them around!


Handmade Rubiks cube costume

To see the detailed handmade rubiks cube costume tutorial check out Emily’s blog, The Benson Street. Be sure to check back next week because we’ll have a new costume tutorial every day next week!

Really Awesome Costumes

ADULT: DIY Renaissance Corset

This is a great costume because it can double for free entrance into Renaissance festivals! We have an awesome Renaissance festival in Texas that happens on weekends from Oct- Dec.! Jessica sewed this entire outfit, pretty impressive huh?! Jessica gives details instructions on how to sew the corset using the  Simplicity Pattern # 3809.

DIY Renaissance corsetSee the full Renaissance corset tutorial on her blog, Designers Sweet Spot.

Really Awesome Costumes


KIDS: Handmade pizza costume

Happy National cheese pizza day! In honor of the big day, we’re showcasing a handmade pizza costume! Who doesn’t love cheesy pizza? I know, I know, this is not a plain cheese pizza, but the topping make it so cute!  UCreate made this adorable pizza costume out of felt, fabric glue, and a little sewing! This is totally a costume that the kids could help make.

Handmade pizza costume


See the full handmade pizza tutorial over at UCreate!

KIDS: DIY Jellyfish costume


Here’s an easy, cute Halloween costume for your kiddo and the best part is, it is a no sew costume! Gotta love that! Traci from Creatively Inspired turned her sweet little girl into a jellyfish with just a sombrero, ribbon, bubble wrap, felt, and shimmery fabric! Oh and a good ol’ hot glue gun of course! How cute is she?

How to make a DIY Jellyfish costume

If you like this jellyfish costume, you’ll love this giant list of  36 more handmade animal costumes for kids and adults! For the complete DIY jellyfish costume visit Traci’s blog.

Really Awesome Costumes

KIDS: Handamde pirate costume

Welcome to the very first day of the 2013  Really Awesome Handmade Costume Series! Every day throughout the month of September we will have a new handmade costume tutorial here on Really Awesome Costumes! First up is a super cute handmade kid pirate costume and play set by Sarah over at Craft Quickies! I love that she added the play kit complete with a telescope… all pirates need a telescope! This is certainly the cutest little pirate I’ve ever seen!

Handmade pirate costume

Get the full pirate costume tutorial on her blog, Craft Quickies. And be sure to check back each day in September for a brand new really awesome costume tutorial! Only 58 more days until Halloween!

Really Awesome Costumes