PETS: DIY pinata costume

Studio DIY likes to create fun costumes for their cute little chihuahua and last year sweet little Bella dressed up as a (very fitting) pinata!  To create your own little pinata you’ll need to get some different colors of crepe paper, cut them into fringe then hot glue them to a regular dog sweater.  Grab a mini sombrero hat and your pup is ready for a Halloween fiesta!

DIY pinata costume


Read more about this DIY pinata costume at Studio DIY and an adult pinata costume can be found here.

ADULT: DIY tinker bell costume

Maegan (courtesy of Babble) showed us how she easily created a DIY tinker bell costume that’s sure to please all the Disney lovers out there.  She took a solid green dress, cinched up the skirt a bit, added some tulle as a belt and hair sash then added a yarn pouf to her simple heels to get that tinker bell shoe look.  Top of the look with a wand and some glittery makeup and you have a magical look!

DIY tinker bell costume

See the full tutorial with pictures on Babble

KIDS: DIY french baker costume

Emma Magazine recently posted a diy french baker costume that’s just too cute not to show off!  It’s perfect for your little one if you’ve already got similar clothing items needed on hand and all you may need to add is a fresh french baguette or two.  For the outfit all you need is a beret, striped shirt, black pants or skirt and red scarf.  Step it up one notch with an eye liner drawn on mustache and have your little one learn to say Bonjour!

DIY french baker costume

Check out the full tutorial with additional pictures at Emma Magazine

KIDS: Needle and thread costume

Amy crafted up this awesome homemade needle and thread costume for her crafty little girl. She used a lamp shade from a second hand store and card board to make the spool. The yarn is a made out of t-shirts! This has got to be on of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen!

Needle and thread costume


See the full needle and thread costume tutorial at C.R.A.F.T. and see more of Amy’s awesome work at her blog, Maker Mama.

COUPLES: DIY bandit costume

This fun, easy DIY bandit costume idea is courtesy of Say Yes to Hoboken.  Grab a black and white striped shirt, black pants and black beanie (snow hat) from your closet then pair it with a canvas tote you’ve painted a dollar symbol on plus whip up at mask (or buy one) and you’ve got yourself an easy last minute DIY costume!

DIY bandit costume

Check out more photos and other great costume ideas at Say Yes to Hoboken.

BABY: DIY Owl Costume

Owls are so popular right now and what better way to dress up your little one this Halloween then with this super cute DIY Owl Costume from Killer B. Design.  This owl wings costume looks like it’s pretty simple to make using only felt, a scrap of fabric, ribbon plus a needle and thread and she topped it all off with a crocheted owl hat that she already had.  Such a cute design that you could make work for boy, girl or any other type of bird.

DIY Owl Costume

Check out the full picture tutorial at Killer B. Designs and see other owl costumes here.

KIDS: DIY minion costume

Make and Takes blogged how to make this DIY Minion Costume for your kiddos and it’s adorable!  She used a yellow knit beanie (snow hat) and black pipe cleaners to make the main part of the hat then used a paper towel tube, silver paint and black elastic for the goggles.  This is a great way to make a quick and easy costume for your kids if you’re running out of time and you can even get them to help in the creating process!

DIY Minion Costume

See lots more pictures and a full tutorial at Make and Takes. Oh and if you liked this post, check out this full body DIY adult version of a minion costume!

KIDS: DIY sushi costume

The super cute DIY sushi girl costume is on Modern Kiddo. She used packing peanuts as rice and added a red plastic bag with a Kikkoman print out on it to represent the soy sauce. I also love the addition of the chop sticks in the hair!


DIY Sushi girl


See lots more cute DIY sushi costume pictures over at Modern Kiddo. If you like this costume, check out the DIY dog sushi costume and sushi onesie baby costume.

ADULTS: DIY clown costume

This might be the most awesome DIY clown costume I’ve ever seen! Lisa Storms made this incredible wig out of colorful yarn pom pom’s. Then all you need is a bow tie, crazy socks, and a some colorful clothing.

DIY clown costume


See the complete tutorial for the pom pom clown wig and lots more DIY clown costume pictures at Lisa Storms.

COUPLES: Lighting and lighting strikes costumes

Here’s a super clever DIY couples costume, lighting and lighting strikes costumes! Julie Ann Art most likely made the lighting bold out of cardboard and fabric, and cut a hole for her dudes head. Her costume is a simple ripped up white button up shirt with black stains, static hair and of course a torn up umbrella!

Clever couples costumesSee more lighting and lighting strikes costumes pictures here.