KIDS: DIY Carl from Up costume

There isn’t an exact tutorial for this DIY Carl from Up costume but if you get creative you can achieve the adorableness that Stephanie did when she put this together for her little boy Rizden.  From what I can tell you’ll need just a few items to create the walker including pvc piping and tennis balls then just grab a bunch of colorful balloons, a bow tie, a cardigan and some black rimmed glasses (she used 3D movie ones) to finish off the look.  Seriously it’s too cute for words!

DIY Carl from Up costume

See more photos here and then of course on Stephanie’s photography website here

BABIES: DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes

Shelley at How Does She? posted her tutorial for these DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes which have me seriously wishing I had twins to make these amazing costumes for!!  She said the striped leggings were actually women’s socks that she just cut the feet off of and the onesies were ordered from Ebay, but what absolutely makes the whole costume so great are the wigs she created by hot-glueing a blue feather boa to a babies knit cap!

DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes

See the full tutorial with pictures at How Does She?

KIDS: DIY hot air balloon costume

Jenn at Rook No. 17 posted a this tutorial for a DIY hot air balloon costume that her friend came up with and it has to be one of the most creative costumes I’ve seen in awhile.  Not only is it creative but she breaks it down so it looks relatively easy to recreate.  She used one of those XL balloons, a large basket, ribbon, yarn and four brown paper lunch bags for the look of the hot air balloon plus extra supplies to dress her kiddo up to look the part.  Such a fun, unique idea!

DIY hot air balloon costume

Check out more pictures and the full tutorial at Rook No. 17 

ADULT: DIY troll doll costume

Troll Dolls were one of my favorite toys from back in my childhood (the 80’s and 90’s to be exact) and when I saw Stephanie from Beautiful Mess dressed up as one last year I had to applaud her for her originality.  She did a great job creating her costume and it can easily be recreated using hair color spray (or a wig), a nude leotard, colorful tutu and a piece of satin fabric cut to make a jewel to cover your belly button.

 DIY troll doll costume

Check out more photos of this DIY troll doll costume on Beautiful Mess

KIDS: DIY lego block costume

I would like to go back in time and dress up as this for Halloween one year!  I’m pretty sure everyone loved/loves legos, well you love them until you step on one barefoot, but thankfully there’s no stepping on this life size version.  Country Living shows that with a rectangular box, eight circular boxes, glossy spray paint and glue you can easily create this cool DIY lego block costume.

DIY lego block costume

You can find the tutorial on Country Living and additional lego costume ideas here

ROUND UP: Awesome Halloween costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Here are 14 creatively awesome Halloween costumes that all involve food! Check ’em out…

14 Awesome food related Halloween costumes


1. Kid sushi costume

Food related halloween costumes

2. Bunch of grapes

3. Slice of pizza

Handmade Halloween costumes

4. Starbucks

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

5. Vegetable costumes

6. Donuts

DIY donut costume

7. Slurpees

Food related halloween costumes

8. S’mores

9. Candy Land

10. Spice Girls

Awesome Halloween costumes

11. Baby sushi costume

12. Dog Hostess costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

13. Jelly Belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

14. French baker

DIY french baker costume





ADULT: DIY flamingo costume

Kristen of Love, Lipstick and Pearls put together a super easy and absolutely adorable flamingo costume from Halloween a few years back.  She used a pink leotard, pink leggings, 10 pink feather boas and a toucan beak she spray painted black to create her flamingo look which turned out so cute!  This is such an creative take and something that can be done pretty quickly and easily.

DIY flamingo costume

Check out the full post for this DIY flamingo costume on Love, Lipstick and Pearls

KIDS: DIY care bear costumes

This is a costume idea the whole family can get into, especially if you have little girls who love Care Bears.  See Vanessa Craft goes through all the steps to create these adorable costumes that include sweats (hoodie and pants) in any color that you just dye to match the Care Bear you’re trying to look like then use felt, pipe cleaners, yarn and puff paint to complete your look.  She even goes on to explain how to make a “cloud wagon” for your little Care Bears to ride around in.

DIY care bear costumes

Go check out the whole tutorial for these adorable DIY care bear costumes on See Vanessa Craft

KIDS: DIY cowboy costume

If your little man is wanting to be a cowboy for Halloween then this DIY cowboy costume from Dana Made It is perfect!  All you need to make is the vest which is made entirely of felt (sew it or use no-sew adhesive) and then dress your little guy up in jeans, plaid button down, boots and a cowboy hat to top it all off.  He’ll be the perfect little sheriff in no time!

DIY cowboy costume

Go see the full tutorial with pictures at Dana Made It

BABIES: DIY fish costume

See Vanessa Craft created the most adorable fish costume ever for her baby girl Amelia!  She shares her amazingly easy tutorial that you will be able to follow even if you have very minimal sewing skills.  To create this costume you’ll need an infant sleeping gown, multiple colors of felt fabric, iridescent material, fabric glue, a small styrofoam ball, an infant headband, black sticky felt and a hot glue gun.  The result will have you hooked!

DIY fish costume

See the full tutorial with pictures for this DIY fish costume at See Vanessa Craft