KIDS: DIY paint brush costume

Randi whipped up this clever paint brush costume for her daughter with materials from the dollar store! She used 2 brooms and a piece of poster board to make the paint brush hat! Randi made the extra large paint pallet out of  foam board. Oh and the whole costume only cost $3! That is one cute paint brush!

DIY paint brush costume


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ADULT: Celling fan costume

Need a super easy, last minute Halloween costume idea you can put together tonight? How about a celling fan costume? Real Simple thought up this clever idea! All you need is a t-shirt with the words: “Go Ceiling!” on it and some pom pom’s! Pretty dang simple and clever, huh?


Celling fan costume


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KIDS: DIY Kate Perry costume

Samantha did an awesome job turning her little girl into Kate Perry for Halloween! She painted styrofoam balls and hot glued them to a white dress! Then you need a blue wig, of course! You could make this costume tonight!

DIY Kate Perry costume



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COUPLES: Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes

I don’t know about y’all, but I love Ms. Frizzle and the awesome adventures she takes her class on in the Magic School Bus! Julia whipped up this really awesome Mrs. Frizzle dress and made her significant other the magic school bus with a yellow tee and an iron on transfer of a bus. Genius! I love that Julia made the sun and planets removable so that she could get more use out of her dress after Halloween is over!

Clever DIY couple costume


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KIDS: DIY raining cats and dogs costume

I’m absolutely in love with this costume and how easy it would be to recreate.  You can find this idea for a DIY raining cats and dogs costume via Real Simple and all you need are rain boots, a rain coat, umbrella and a couple of stuffed cat and dog toys to adhere to the umbrella.  The rest of the look can be completely up to you and your liking.  So simple but super cute!

DIY raining cats and dogs costume

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COUPLES: Bob Ross and Happy Tree costume

This is actually more than a couple costume, it’s a family costume! Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. is 19 weeks pregnant and that’s why she included the little squirrel in her happy tree. Bob Ross is really easy to make, all of the clothes came from the closet and she made him a pallet out of cardboard and bought the brown afro. The happy little tree started as an XL men’s t-shirt and the squirrel is made of felt! The fall leaf garland got chopped into 5 strips and made into a headpiece, bracelets, and shoulder pieces.

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Halloween costume


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ADULT: DIY Barbie box costume

Nicole created a DIY Barbie box costume for a contest at her high school and it has to be one of the best looking Barbie themed costumes I’ve seen.  Once you find the perfect sized box all you then need to do is cut out the window, spray paint the entire box hot pink and add straps to the inside so you can wear it like a backpack.  She paid so much attention to detail using the actual logos for Mattel and Barbie then blew them up to get the most accurate look possible.  She also used Barbie wrapping paper to line the inside of the box which I think gives it that something extra that makes it that much more amazing.  All you need to do is dress up like your choice of Barbie and you’ve got a winning costume!

DIY Barbie box costume

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KIDS: DIY black cat costume

This costume could easily be recreated for an adult costume but it’s such a cute idea for a little girl. Do It Yourself Divas created the best lil’ DIY black cat costume around!  The costume requires a wire hanger, black feather boas, hot glue, black elastic, black long sleeve onesie (can be dyed if needed), black leggings or tights, black shoes, black felt, hair clips and a little black makeup to paint a nose and whiskers on your little kitty.  I love this costume!

DIY black cat costume

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COUPLES: iPhone and Apple Genius costume

Every iPhone needs an Apple Genius, right?! This awesome iPhone costume was crafted up by Felt So Cute from well, felt! I love that she even included a Words with Friends app on her iPhone! She created 20 felt square apps and hot glued them to a solid piece of black felt that went over her head. For the Apple Genius, she sued her Silhouette machine to cut out an apple and adhered it to a blue t-shirt and added a lanyard of course!


iPhone and Apple Genius costume


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ADULT: DIY loofah costume

I love the idea of this costume and the simplicity of it even though it looks to be a bit time consuming to put together.  Lindsay at Busy Thoughts shows you how to take approximately 25 to 30 yards of nylon matte netting fabric, two sizes of elastic and a little rope to create this adorable DIY loofah costume.  Get your date for the night to dress up as a bar of soap and you’re set!

I could also see this being a super cute baby costume idea

DIY loofah costume

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