ADULT: DIY Barbie box costume

Nicole created a DIY Barbie box costume for a contest at her high school and it has to be one of the best looking Barbie themed costumes I’ve seen.  Once you find the perfect sized box all you then need to do is cut out the window, spray paint the entire box hot pink and add straps to the inside so you can wear it like a backpack.  She paid so much attention to detail using the actual logos for Mattel and Barbie then blew them up to get the most accurate look possible.  She also used Barbie wrapping paper to line the inside of the box which I think gives it that something extra that makes it that much more amazing.  All you need to do is dress up like your choice of Barbie and you’ve got a winning costume!

DIY Barbie box costume

Go check out  additional pictures here along with Nicole’s tutorial