KIDS: DIY Snowman tutu

Kim at Leafy Tree Tops created this adorable DIY snowman tutu for her daughter to wear for their Christmas card photos and it looks so easy to recreate.  She of course made the white tutu using tulle and elastic ribbon then created the rest of the snowman outfit using a white leotard, circles cut from black felt, white tights, boots, a scarf and she also created the hat from felt as well.  Such an adorable snowman!

diy snowman tutu

Go check out the full tutorial with additional photos here 

ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Dress

Crazy in Crafts came up with a different variation of the “Ugly” Christmas sweater idea and turned it into a dress.  She created this DIY ugly Christmas dress using a thrifted dress, Christmas bows plus red, green and silver ribbon/tinsel.  She hot glued the items on her dress and then added fun jewelry and a headband to finish off the look.  Perfect for any holiday party and sure to win you a prize!

diy ugly christmas dress

Additional photos and a full tutorial can be found on Crazy in Crafts

DOGS: DIY Dog pinata costume

Mindy turned her pooch into the perfect pinata! And she made the whole things from scratch. Here’s how:

Mindy said, “I sewed the body with felt and interfacing and then cut out crepe paper streamers and glued them to the body. Then I made a head out of felt and cardboard. The head is strapped to his body with Velcro. There is also a little strap attached to the head so that I can help hold up the head, but it also acts as a string to hang him up as though he is a real pinata!”

DIY Dog pinata costume

You can a little 9 second video of Mindy’s pup walking in his adorable pinata costume here. Oh and if you liked this post, be sure and check out this DIY dog pinata costume and handmade adult pinata costume too!

ADULTS: DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

This is by far the best DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater I’ve ever seen. Heathiepants posted this picture on instagram almost a year ago, and it’s shown up all over pinterest! I love that she utilized her whole body and when she raises her arms the tree is formed… perfect! She added a mini hula hoop to the bottom of her Wal Mart sweat shirt to make it flair out just right! Another great thing, this is a no sew sweater, she used safety pins to pin the garland, bells, and tinsel onto her sweater!


DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater


Read more about how she made her ugly really clever Christmas tree sweater here. If you like this ugly sweater, check out the DIY ugly Christmas sweater for dogs too!

PETS: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

I love a cute pup in an even cuter sweater and this one is absolutely perfect!  I have to disagree about the ugliness factor because it’s so cute!  Sew DoggyStyle came up with this adorable DIY ugly Christmas sweater vest for her pup using a piece of red sweater material, dark brown felt, green glitter fabric or transfer sheet, mini poms, star patch, bone patches and a little bit of string.  She then attached it to a handmade turtle-neck to complete the “ugliness”.

diy ugly christmas sweater

You can view this tutorial here and many more fun DIY projects for your pets on her blog here

ADULT: DIY Elf on the shelf costume

Elf on the shelf is such a fun idea for everyone with kids out there to celebrate the holiday season.  Elizabeth Snyder  came up with an easy diy Elf on the shelf costume that would be adorable for anyone young or old to dress up as inspired by the cute little toy.  She used red sweats, red socks, white socks on her hands, a santa hat with the white ball removed and a collar made from felt or quilt lining.  So easy and so cute!

diy elf on the shelf costume

Check out her original pin with details here

ADULTS: DIY Pocahontas costume

I love the story of Pocahontas and love that this costume could be used to dress up as her or just a native american princess to pay tribute to the history of Thanksgiving.  Life Ann Style came up with this beautiful DIY Pocahontas costume that she did a video tutorial for using and all she used was some faux suede and basic sewing skills.

diy pocahontas costume

Go see the full video tutorial as well as many more photos at Life Ann Style

KIDS: DIY turkey costume

Turkey day is fast approaching and this may just be the cutest stuffed turkey I’ve ever seen!  Tara said her two year old son came up with the idea to be a turkey so she then came up with a simple and inexpensive DIY turkey costume to make for him using multiple colors of felt and cardboard.  A little bit of sewing and glueing later and you’ve got yourself one cute little Thanksgiving turkey.

diy turkey costume

See the full tutorial and additional photos here

KIDS: DIY Pilgrim costumes

Nothing pays tribute to Thanksgiving more than dressing up as the first ones to ever give thanks. Dana at Made created the perfect DIY Pilgrim costumes pieces for her kiddos to play pretend in and she made the vest, shawl, hat and bonnet out of felt while using basics you might already have in your kids closets to fill in the remainder of the costume.

diy pilgrim costumes

Go check out the amazing full tutorial with tons of additional pictures from Dana at Made

BABIES: DIY feather headband

Switching gears this month to show off some Thanksgiving and Christmas themed costumes and starting off with this adorable DIY feather headband created by Kelli Murray for her little one.  It’s an adorable way to dress up your lil’ turkey day fan in a simple way but still completely festive! She shows you how to make it using some elastic, metallic rope trim, felt, pom balls and feathers.

diy feather headband

Visit Kelly Murray for the full tutorial with additional pictures