ADULT: Price is Right Contestant Costume

I LOVE the game show, The Price is Right, and thus, I heart this genius DIY costume idea! The B-Side blog wore a Dartmouth sweatshirt and used foam board to create his Price is Right screen. Use ribbon or string to tie the board around your neck, like a giant necklace. And your all ready to “Come on down to contestant’s row!” This DIY Price is Right contestant costume would make Bob Barker proud.

DIY Price is Right Contestant Costume

See more pictures and details of this DIY adult costume over at the B-Side blog. Oh and be sure to spay and neuter your pets!

ADULT: DIY American Idol Costume

Here is an awesome idea for a clever, easy last minute adult DIY costume! Love it or hate it, everyone has heard of the TV show, American Idol!  And for one day of the year, you too can embrace your inner voice and pretend you earned a golden ticket and made it to Hollywood!

In my opinion, the best part of this costume is you can wear your own clothes. Just make your hair cute, I mean you were just auditioning to be on American Idol, ha! The other important part of this costume, are these 2 printables. No worries, I’m making this the world’s easiest Halloween costume, and whipped up the 2 prinatbles for free for you to download!

Download the {American Idol number printable here}

Download the {“You made it to Hollywood” ticket here}

Oh and be sure and print the “You made it to Hollywood” ticket on golden colored paper!

DIY American Idol contestant costume

And just a side note, this costume idea came from a friend of a friend at a 2012 Halloween party in Ft. Lauderdale! She was also a pro at doing the “I made it to Hollywood” squeal!

ADULTS: DIY Kim Kardashian Costume

Love her or hate her… you all know the infamous Kim Kardashian! Sammy Davis put together this funny costume with things from the closet and thrift stores… Just add a baby doll with a North West name tag and you’re good to go!


DIY Kim Kardashian Costume

See the full DIY Kim Kardashian Halloween costume deets here.

ADULT: Handmade Psy (Gangnam Style) Costume

I know you’ve heard of Gangnam style! Love it or hate it… It’s everywhere these days. Why not just embrace it and dress up like Psy for Halloween! You can go around yelling, “Hey, you sexy lady!” and it is actually part of your costume! Riann shows us how to copy Psy’s looks with outfits and makeup! Check out the written details on her blog, Riann Star. Or watch her on this YouTube vide:

ADULTS: DIY mermaid costume

Chelsea from Buy me Love and her hubs are Halloween costume making pros! They participate in a fun church event called Trunk or treat and dress up and decorate the trunk of the truck to hand out candy to the kiddos (or anyone who wants it)! Chelsea made herself a DIY mermaid costume and her turned her trunk into a shell… genius! Chelsea said, “I made my ear “fins” from floral wire and tulle, and meticulously hand sewed sequins. I wore a nude tank top and pinned my hand sewn shells on. Then I sewed a fin, using a skirt as a pattern, and added tulle fins. I was covered in glitter and blue and green makeup, and found that delightfully tacky wig at Goodwill. Don’t worry – it was new and unused!”

DIY adult mermaid costume

See more DIY mermaid deets and pictures over at Chelsea’s blog!

Handmade owl costumes

Owls are known for their distinct calls, nocturnal habits and silent flight. nocturnal habits and silent flight flight an owl the perfect Halloween costume! Here are 5 different versions of handmade owl costumes for kids and adults!

1. Owl Halloween costume made out of a sweat shirt

handmade owl costume

2. Owl costume made out of a pillow case

handmade owl costume

3. No sew baby owl costume

No Sew Baby Owl Costume


4. DIY baby owl costume from a onesie

diy baby owl costume

5. Handmade colorful owl wings

handmade owl costumes


DIY Donut Costume

Happy national donut day! In honor of the big day, we’re celebrating with 3 really awesome diy donut costumes for kids and adults!

3 DIY Donut costumes made out of innertubes

Cheryl made this donut costume out of an inner tube and paint.  She said the hardest things about it was finding an inner tube in late October! (Here’s an inner tube that would work great from for $6!) See the full tutorial on her blog, New House to Home.

DIY donut costume

Craftster has a really awesome donut video you can watch here. They also make the donut costume with an inner tube and spray paint. Make sure to use spray paint that works on plastic!

DIY donut costume

Here’s another version of a handmade donut costume also made from an inner tube, but worn around the waste with a t-shirt that says Dunkin’ Donuts!

DIY donut costume

Happy donut day!

ADULTS: Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

Which one is the real Willie? Can you even tell? Ha!


Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

If you’re from Texas, like me, Willie is a staple! Gold Feathers‘ husband was Willie Nelson for Halloween last year. Pretty awesome, huh? Pretty easy to put together too! All you need is a plaid shirt, jeans, a bandanna, sun glasses, and long wig would be good! Oh and how fun is her handmade owl costume?

Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

Totally rad 80’s girl costume

I have a thing for the 80’s, maybe it’s because that’s the decade I was born? Maybe I just love mismatched socks and off of the shoulder shirts? Either way, Angie made her daughter a totally rad 80’s costume last Halloween. She bought the sunglasses, skirt and t-shirt at the Dollar Store, added screen printing to a pair of leggings she already owned, and wore jewelry and shoes she already had on hand!

80s girl costume

How cute is this totally rad 80’s girl costume? See all of the 80’s girl costume deets at The Country Chic Cottage!

Handmade dress up wings

These are the prettiest handmade dress up wings I’ve ever seen! Seriously, I want a pair for me! Prudent baby, guest poster, Eri shares a step by step tutorial about how to make the wings. This is a great project to use some pretty fabric scraps.

Handmade dress up wings

This would be an adorable Halloween costume that could be used all year around in the dress up bin!