ADULT: DIY tinker bell costume

Maegan (courtesy of Babble) showed us how she easily created a DIY tinker bell costume that’s sure to please all the Disney lovers out there.  She took a solid green dress, cinched up the skirt a bit, added some tulle as a belt and hair sash then added a yarn pouf to her simple heels to get that tinker bell shoe look.  Top of the look with a wand and some glittery makeup and you have a magical look!

DIY tinker bell costume

See the full tutorial with pictures on Babble

ADULTS: DIY clown costume

This might be the most awesome DIY clown costume I’ve ever seen! Lisa Storms made this incredible wig out of colorful yarn pom pom’s. Then all you need is a bow tie, crazy socks, and a some colorful clothing.

DIY clown costume


See the complete tutorial for the pom pom clown wig and lots more DIY clown costume pictures at Lisa Storms.

ADULTS: DIY tooth fairy costume

Heidi from Happiness Homemade put together this awesome DIY tooth fairy costume for herself! She re purposed her wedding dress as a tooth fairy dress, although you could use any white dress! Heidi crafted up a tooth fairy wand, a stary glitter headband and added some store bought wings…. perfect! Now she just needs a tiny little bag to keep all of the teeth in that she picks up every night!

DIY tooth fairy costume


See the the full DIY tooth fairy Halloween costume on Heidi’s blog, Happiness Homemade!

ADULTS: Cut out spider web cape

Delia from Delia Creates created this amazing cut out spider web cape with fleece fabric! It’s a no sew costume accessory plus it is super versatile! Delia paired it with witch accessories, but you could easily attach a giant spider to your back and be a spider for Halloween! It’s kind of of like creating a giant snowflake.

Cut out spider web cape

See the complete no sew spider web cape tutorial at Delia Creates.

ADULT: DIY Minion costume

Here’s another really awesome handmade costume that was a serious labor of love! While They Snooze created this DIY minion costume! What a Minion you ask? Minions are the wide eyed stars of the movie series, Despicable Me! Sarah has a complete supply list along with a full tutorial to teach you how to make your very own Minion costume. The eyes are made out of 2 pint cans of paint… genius, huh?!

DIY minion costume


See lots more pictures and the full tutorial at While They Snooze.

KIDS: Handamde rag doll costume

The handmade rag doll costume was actually made for mother- daughter! What a fun idea, right?! A Beautiful Mess shares an awesome tutorial for making the yarn wig and gives lots of pointers on rounding up inexpensive rag doll outfits from your closet and second hand stores!

Handmade rag doll costume


See lots more adorable rag doll costume pictures and the complete tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

ADULT: DIY Scrabble costume

Here’s a clever Halloween costume… a DIY Scrabble costume! It looks like Sara sewed her own dress and used card board letters to spell out the Scrabble words, but I think this could be done no sew too! If you could find a cheap white dress, you could use paint pens, duck tape or iron on fabric to create boxes. Then just write in your “double word scores” and spell out your words! I like that Sara’s scrabble costume even makes a political statement!

DIY scrabble costume


See more details at Sara’s blog, Feeding the soil.

ADULT: Handmade Rubiks cube costume

I love the rubik’s cube! I wish I could say I can do the whole cube, but that would be lying. I can, however, do one side really good and really fast, ha! Emily turned her husband into a life size rubik’s cube with a cardboard box, spray paint, felt, and a hot glue gun. I for one, am super duper impressed! Oh and I love that this costume could easily be made for a kid too. Another fun idea, would be to make the squares velcro so that you could actually move them around!


Handmade Rubiks cube costume

To see the detailed handmade rubiks cube costume tutorial check out Emily’s blog, The Benson Street. Be sure to check back next week because we’ll have a new costume tutorial every day next week!

Really Awesome Costumes

ADULT: DIY Renaissance Corset

This is a great costume because it can double for free entrance into Renaissance festivals! We have an awesome Renaissance festival in Texas that happens on weekends from Oct- Dec.! Jessica sewed this entire outfit, pretty impressive huh?! Jessica gives details instructions on how to sew the corset using the  Simplicity Pattern # 3809.

DIY Renaissance corsetSee the full Renaissance corset tutorial on her blog, Designers Sweet Spot.

Really Awesome Costumes


ADULT: Van Gogh painting costume

Here’s a super clever DIY adult Halloween costume… turn yourself into a self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh! For this costume you’ll need to use chalk on a black thrift store suit jacket and be prepared to grow out your beard and dye it red. Paint a straw hat with short lines of color and continue that pattern on your face. This is one clever DIY adult Halloween costume!

Here is the actual Vincent Van Gogh self portrait: