ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly/Tacky Christmas sweater parties are so fun and can bring out the most creative, festive outfits I’ve ever seen over the holidays.  This DIY ugly Christmas sweater is super easy to create and if it’s not “ugly” enough you can for sure add more to it.  Erika showed this photo on a post where she did a fun tutorial for a DIY dog sweater so she didn’t write a tutorial but it looks easy enough.  From what I can see you just need some mini Christmas ornaments, a bow and a sweatshirt in any color you choose then attach the items by sewing or hot gluing them on in a tree pattern.  You could even step it up a notch and not only make it “ugly” but also noisy if you did bells in place of some of the ornaments!  Get creative and have fun!

diy ugly christmas sweater

Check out additional tutorials on Erika’s blog here. If you liked this post, check out this DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater and don’t forget about your pup!

ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Dress

Crazy in Crafts came up with a different variation of the “Ugly” Christmas sweater idea and turned it into a dress.  She created this DIY ugly Christmas dress using a thrifted dress, Christmas bows plus red, green and silver ribbon/tinsel.  She hot glued the items on her dress and then added fun jewelry and a headband to finish off the look.  Perfect for any holiday party and sure to win you a prize!

diy ugly christmas dress

Additional photos and a full tutorial can be found on Crazy in Crafts

ADULTS: DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

This is by far the best DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater I’ve ever seen. Heathiepants posted this picture on instagram almost a year ago, and it’s shown up all over pinterest! I love that she utilized her whole body and when she raises her arms the tree is formed… perfect! She added a mini hula hoop to the bottom of her Wal Mart sweat shirt to make it flair out just right! Another great thing, this is a no sew sweater, she used safety pins to pin the garland, bells, and tinsel onto her sweater!


DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater


Read more about how she made her ugly really clever Christmas tree sweater here. If you like this ugly sweater, check out the DIY ugly Christmas sweater for dogs too!

ADULT: DIY Elf on the shelf costume

Elf on the shelf is such a fun idea for everyone with kids out there to celebrate the holiday season.  Elizabeth Snyder  came up with an easy diy Elf on the shelf costume that would be adorable for anyone young or old to dress up as inspired by the cute little toy.  She used red sweats, red socks, white socks on her hands, a santa hat with the white ball removed and a collar made from felt or quilt lining.  So easy and so cute!

diy elf on the shelf costume

Check out her original pin with details here

ADULTS: DIY Pocahontas costume

I love the story of Pocahontas and love that this costume could be used to dress up as her or just a native american princess to pay tribute to the history of Thanksgiving.  Life Ann Style came up with this beautiful DIY Pocahontas costume that she did a video tutorial for using and all she used was some faux suede and basic sewing skills.

diy pocahontas costume

Go see the full video tutorial as well as many more photos at Life Ann Style

ADULT: Celling fan costume

Need a super easy, last minute Halloween costume idea you can put together tonight? How about a celling fan costume? Real Simple thought up this clever idea! All you need is a t-shirt with the words: “Go Ceiling!” on it and some pom pom’s! Pretty dang simple and clever, huh?


Celling fan costume


See more Celling fan Halloween costume details at Real Simple.



ADULT: DIY Barbie box costume

Nicole created a DIY Barbie box costume for a contest at her high school and it has to be one of the best looking Barbie themed costumes I’ve seen.  Once you find the perfect sized box all you then need to do is cut out the window, spray paint the entire box hot pink and add straps to the inside so you can wear it like a backpack.  She paid so much attention to detail using the actual logos for Mattel and Barbie then blew them up to get the most accurate look possible.  She also used Barbie wrapping paper to line the inside of the box which I think gives it that something extra that makes it that much more amazing.  All you need to do is dress up like your choice of Barbie and you’ve got a winning costume!

DIY Barbie box costume

Go check out  additional pictures here along with Nicole’s tutorial

ADULT: DIY loofah costume

I love the idea of this costume and the simplicity of it even though it looks to be a bit time consuming to put together.  Lindsay at Busy Thoughts shows you how to take approximately 25 to 30 yards of nylon matte netting fabric, two sizes of elastic and a little rope to create this adorable DIY loofah costume.  Get your date for the night to dress up as a bar of soap and you’re set!

I could also see this being a super cute baby costume idea

DIY loofah costume

Check out the full tutorial on Busy Thoughts

ROUND UP: Awesome Halloween costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Here are 14 creatively awesome Halloween costumes that all involve food! Check ’em out…

14 Awesome food related Halloween costumes


1. Kid sushi costume

Food related halloween costumes

2. Bunch of grapes

3. Slice of pizza

Handmade Halloween costumes

4. Starbucks

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

5. Vegetable costumes

6. Donuts

DIY donut costume

7. Slurpees

Food related halloween costumes

8. S’mores

9. Candy Land

10. Spice Girls

Awesome Halloween costumes

11. Baby sushi costume

12. Dog Hostess costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

13. Jelly Belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

14. French baker

DIY french baker costume





ADULT: DIY flamingo costume

Kristen of Love, Lipstick and Pearls put together a super easy and absolutely adorable flamingo costume from Halloween a few years back.  She used a pink leotard, pink leggings, 10 pink feather boas and a toucan beak she spray painted black to create her flamingo look which turned out so cute!  This is such an creative take and something that can be done pretty quickly and easily.

DIY flamingo costume

Check out the full post for this DIY flamingo costume on Love, Lipstick and Pearls