ADULTS: DIY Birthday cake costume

Studio DIY crafted up this DIY Birthday cake costume out of cardboard, crepe paper, and Elmer’s glue! The candle headband is made out of card stock! What a cure costume idea for someone with a Halloween birthday! Oh and don’t forget to add sprinkles to your heels!

DIY Birthday cake costumeSee the step by step DIY birthday cake costume tutorial at Studio DIY.

ADULTS: DIY Sushi costume

Here is a unique DIY adult Halloween costume… why not craft up a shrimp nigiri sushi roll costume complete with a ginger and wasabi headband. I love that she used an old foam mattress to make the shrimp part of the roll and packing peanuts glued together as a layer of rice. Genius! See the full DIY sushi costume tutorial and a lot more pictures at Inhabitat.

DIY Sushi costume

ADULTS: DIY angel wings costume

A Thrifty Diva came up with this quick, easy and cheap way to create beautiful angel wings! She cut a wing shape out of cardboard, and then traced that shape to cut out the other wing so they matched. Then she just glued little pieces of toilet tissue to them and attached a ribbon to create a strap. Voila – angel wings! The best thing is that you can do this with items you probably already have in your house, and you can wear the wings with almost any outfit to make a fast DIY costume!

DIY Angel Wings Costume

For the full angel wings tutorial head on over to A Thrifty Diva. Angel wings aren’t just for adults – check out this cute DIY baby cupid costume.

ADULTS: DIY camera costume

This DIY camera costume is sure to win a prize at this years Halloween costume! The great thing is all you really need is cardboard and a 5 gallon bucket! Oh and some time! I especially love the lid of the bucket dangling off as the lens cover! Oh and did I mention this camera really takes pictures! Wow!

DIY camera costumeMore details on the DIY camera costume at Peta Pixel.


ADULT: Where the wild things are costume

Classic Noise turned herself into Max from the cute book Where the Wild Things are. You can purchase the white adult footed pajama onesie online for $25, and DIY the accessories! To complete you Where the Wild Things are costume you’ll need a paper crown, buttons, and gloves! Talk about a comfortable costume?!

Where the while things are costumeSee more pictures and costume details at Classic noise.


ADULTS: DIY Barbie costume

Dolly crafted up the perfect DIY Barbie costume! A pink bustier and a card board box she made to look like a Mattel Barbie box really make this costume come to life! I’m super impressed!

DIY Barbie costume


Find the original image here.

ADULTS: No sew bunny ears

These super cute no sew bunny ears are perfect for everyone! And best of all, they are so easy to make you can make them for everyone! One little minute whipped these up with a hot glue gun, felt, a headband, and blush! Yep, blush like you put on your face! Aren’t the fun?

No sew bunny ears

See the full no sew bunny ears tutorial here.

ADULTS: Crochet Leprechaun beard

Do you know how to crochet? For $6.99 you can purchase this crochet leprechaun beard and beanie pattern and stitch you your loved one up an awesome St. Patrick’s Day costume! How cute would this be on a kiddo? Find the instructions and purchase the pattern here. FYI: St. Patricks day is on March 17th!

Crochet Leprechaun beard

ADULTS: DIY Leprechaun and pot of gold costume

Hello lucky posted this amazing dad and baby costume. Dad is a leprechaun and his son is the pot of gold. It’s super genius because the plastic pot is actually attached to the baby backpack with Duck Tape so it’s an arms free costume too! The baby’s costume consists of a gold beanie and bib with chocolate coin wrappers hot glued to it! Perfect for a St. Patricks Day parade or heck, even for Halloween!


Leprechaun and pot of gold costume


See all of the Dad and baby leprechaun and pot of gold costume deets here.

ADULTS: DIY Valentine tights

These fun DIY Valentine tights are the perfect addition to your heart day outfit! The Pineneedle Collective crafted these up with just paint, sheer tights, and clear nail polish. She does make it clear that this craft requires a lot of patience, but the result is oh so cute and totally worth your time!


DIY Valentine tights


See the detailed, step by step tutorial over at The Pineneedle Collective!