ADULTS: Ruduloph Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are just around the corner, and this ugly sweater is actually kind of cute! And a dun DIY project! Angie turned her sweater into a life size Rudolph the red nose reindeer complete with giant google eyes! See the step by step Rudolph ugly Christmas sweater tutorial here.

Ruduloph Ugly Christmas Sweater


For more really awesome ugly Christmas sweater ideas check out this Christmas tree, these Texas inspired tacky sweaters, and lots more DIY ugly sweater ideas!

ADULTS: DIY goldfish costume

Jenna crafted up an awesome DIY goldfish costume out of an orange hooded sweatshirt! She shows you step by step how to make the eyes, mouth, and scales of the goldfish. After the hooded sweatshirt is complete just pair it with black leggings and orange socks… super cute!

DIY goldfish costume

See more pictures of her DIY goldfish costume and the step by step tutorial to make your own handmade costume here!

ADULTS: DIY Mason jar costume

The DIY network has a complete tutorial about how to make a DIY mason jar costume for Halloween! And since mason jars are all the rage right now, what a fun, crafty costume! There is even a free mason jar template that you can print out and draw onto a piece of foam core board!


DIY Mason jar costume

11 celebrity halloween costume ideas

Wanna be a celebrity? Halloween is the perfect time to test it out! Here are 14 celebrity costume ideas for kids and adults!

celebrity halloween costume ideas

1. Malkemore

DIY Maklemore costume

2. The royal wedding

DIY royal wedding costumes


4. Dwight from the Office

DIY Halloween costumes

5. M.I.A.


Pop culture Halloween costumes

6. Kayne West and Kim Kardashian

famous celebrity halloween costume ideas


7. David Bowie

DIY Pop culture Halloween costumes


8. Ron Burgundy

Pop culture Halloween costumes


9. Ron Burgandy

Pop culture Halloween costumes



10. Ghandi

DIY Pop culture Halloween costumes

11. Van Gogh painting 

Vincent Van Gogh painting costume


ADULTS: Handamde pineapple costume

Kelly whipped up an awesome no sew handmade pineapple costume! Just throw on any solid yellow dress and make this easy pineapple top headband for a cute, simple costume! Dress your baby up as a pineapple too… Pineapple twins!

Handamde pineapple costume


For the complete handmade pineapple tutorial check out Studio DIY.

ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone! This Arizona women turned herself into a living board game with a skin colored shirt and tights. She cut out bones and organs from car stock and attached them to her clothes. Don’t forget the red nose and your extractor tool!

DIY Operation game costumeSee more handmade adult costumes from abc 15 Arizona readers here.

ADULTS: Handmade pinata costume

Catherine turned herself into a living pinata for Halloween! She crafted up the handmade pinata costume out of a nude American Apparel dress and used hot glue to glue down strips of crepe paper to her dress. She did 3 rows of each color. The donkey tail is just made by tying a few long pieces in a knot and safety pinning it to her dress. To see how to make the ears and for the full pinata tutorial check out Rabbit food for my bunny teeth.

Handmade piñata costume!

Do you have a dog? Here’s a fun tutorial for a DIY dog pinata costume!

KIDS: DIY Zoltar costume

The DIY Zoltar costume would be a great kid or adult costume! Sadly, I bet a lot of kids don’t remember Zoltar! I remember it from the movie, Big. This is another really awesome handmade costume by Arlene (who also made this amazing DIY airplane costume). She used the same technique with cardboard and butcher paper and used duct tape, staples, and a glue gun to adhere the pieces to one another. I love that her DIY Zoltar costume even has a paper fortunes card coming out of the slot! (Fun fact: Zoltar had 16 spoken fortunes and 23 paper fortunes!)

DIY Zoltar costume

ADULTS: DIY Birthday cake costume

Studio DIY crafted up this DIY Birthday cake costume out of cardboard, crepe paper, and Elmer’s glue! The candle headband is made out of card stock! What a cure costume idea for someone with a Halloween birthday! Oh and don’t forget to add sprinkles to your heels!

DIY Birthday cake costumeSee the step by step DIY birthday cake costume tutorial at Studio DIY.

ADULTS: DIY Sushi costume

Here is a unique DIY adult Halloween costume… why not craft up a shrimp nigiri sushi roll costume complete with a ginger and wasabi headband. I love that she used an old foam mattress to make the shrimp part of the roll and packing peanuts glued together as a layer of rice. Genius! See the full DIY sushi costume tutorial and a lot more pictures at Inhabitat.

DIY Sushi costume