BABIES: DIY koala costume

Koala bears are hands down one of the cutest animals ever! And this DIY koala costume on baby Maxwell makes my heart melt. I am a little biased, since I’m his mama! As for the making of the costume, it is so easy! The mask, round white, belly, and felt feet are the only parts to actually make. And it’s all made out of felt! I also love that after Halloween you still have a grey onesie and pants to wear all winter long!

DIY koala costume


Here are lots more pictures and the full tutorial on how to make a DIY koala costume!

BABIES: DIY Sunflower costume

Handmade by Jill sewed this adorable DIY sunflower costume for her sweet baby girl. She has links for exact tutorials she used to sew the top and bottom of the costume on her blog. The flower “necklace” is a template she found on Martha Stewart! It’s made with felt and uses velcro to fasten, and I love that you can make your little flower any color. How cute would it be to get a few babies together for Halloween and have a bouquet?!

DIY Sunflower costumeSee more pictures and details at Homemade by Jill.


BABIES: DIY Oscar the Grouch costume

The Pink Funny Farm made her little one a DIY Oscar the Grouch costume for Halloween. This costume will take a little time with the sewing machine, but the results are priceless! The tin can is made out of felt and the Oscar part is made out of green fur. Don’t forget to add the trash can lid to his head!

DIY Oscar the Grouch costume

BABIES: DIY Popcorn bag costume

As a mom to a little one still in a baby carrier, this is truly a genius costume! She turned her baby carrier into a popcorn bag with felt. This is a no sew costume, y’all! Oh and did I mention this costume only took her 15 minutes to put together?! See all of the DIY popcorn bag costume details and pictures at Nearly Handmade.

DIY Bag of Popcorn costume

BABIES: DIY Charlie Brown

How cute is Baby Gray in his DIY Charlie Brown costume?! The Gray Matters whipped up this super easy costume by using fabric paint to paint black zig-zags on a yellow t-shirt. The black shorts, yellow socks, and brown baby loafers make up the rest. The best thing about it is that all of these pieces can be worn again the other 364 days of the year.

DIY Charlie Brown

If you like Charlie Brown, here is another easy no-sew option!

BABIES: DIY Pillsbury dough boy

All you need for the DIY Pillsbury dough boy costume is a long sleeve white onesie and white pants and a chef hat! You could use any piece of white fabric to make a simple scarf. You can print the Pillsbury logo off of the internet and glue it onto a plain white chef hat! What a fun idea!
DIY Pillsbury dough boy


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BABIES: DIY gnome costume

This DIY gnome costume won the grand prize in the Mom365 costume contest! The great part about this costume is that it is actually pretty simple to put together. You will need a red hat with crazy white eyebrows and a white beard to match. Felt is the perfect, inexpensive material for this. And then a plaid shirt, suspenders, and jeans will do the rest. Of course the pot and felt flower add a lot of cuteness too!

DIY gnome costume


BABIES: DIY Harry Potter Costume

How cute is this baby DIY Harry Potter costume?! I love that you could use makeup to draw on the glasses since some kiddos don’t love accessories on their face. Other than that you’ll just need a yellow and red scarf and a white onesie with the family crest patch!

DIY Harry Potter costume

This costume idea came from Joe Jacks Mom on Mom 365.

BABIES: Handmade doll costume

Hart + Sew crafted up the most adorable handmade wind up doll costume I’ve ever seen! The little doll is wearing a vintage dress and a headband. The wind up key is made out of a toilet paper roll, styrofoam ball, and cardboard cutout spray. She spray painted the wind up gold and used elastic bands around the babies arms to attach the key to the toilet paper roll. Oh and don’t forget the rosy cheeks!

Handmade doll costumeSee more pictures and details at Hart + Sew.


BABIES: DIY shark costume

Somehow I have a feeling that baby might not love this costume, but it is just about the cutest/ funniest thing I’ve ever seen and absolutely perfect for a crawling baby! Dear Goodness does not have the DIY shark costume tutorial on her blog, but I bet making it with felt would be the easiest! Or heck just find a large shark doll and attach it to baby, ha!

DIY shark costume