BABIES: DIY Aerobic instructor

Homemade by Jill put together this super cute baby Halloween costume and (minus the felt boom box) it’s really easy! All you need is a pink onesie, tights, headband, and leg warmers to turn baby into a DIY aerobic instructor! That felt boombox is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (minus the baby)!

DIY Aerobic instructorCheck out lots more pictures here.


BABIES: DIY Flamingo costume

Elsie Blaha turned her sweet little girl into flamingo! She notes that the costume is not very functional, the flamingo head does not stand straight up.  So, the costume really only works for pictures on the ground or maybe resting  in a stroller! The entire costume is made out of felt and absolutely adorable! diy-baby flamingo-costumeSee more DIY flamingo costume details here. And if you loved this costume, check out the DIY flamingo costume for adults!

ADULTS: DIY Leprechaun and pot of gold costume

Hello lucky posted this amazing dad and baby costume. Dad is a leprechaun and his son is the pot of gold. It’s super genius because the plastic pot is actually attached to the baby backpack with Duck Tape so it’s an arms free costume too! The baby’s costume consists of a gold beanie and bib with chocolate coin wrappers hot glued to it! Perfect for a St. Patricks Day parade or heck, even for Halloween!


Leprechaun and pot of gold costume


See all of the Dad and baby leprechaun and pot of gold costume deets here.

BABIES: Love bandit Valentine Oneise

Delightfully Noted whipped up this adorable love bandit Valentine onesie for her son to capture some cute heart day pictures. She used her Silhouette machine and heat transfer vinyl to make this fun outfit! I kind of love the hat and glasses addition too!


Love bandit Valentine Oneise


See the full love bandit onesie tutorial here.

BABIES: DIY cupid costume

This is technically an angel costume, I’m pretty confident this could easily be a baby cupid costume too! Moving insider posted this adorable picture and said the wings are made out of cardboard and covered in white feathers. The bodysuit could be any solid colored onesie, and of course you need a (safe) bow and arrow for baby to hold!




DIY cupid costume

BABIES: DIY Valentines onesie

Want to dress your little boy up for heart day, but need something a little more masculine? How about arrows! For the love of shares how to make this adorable DIY Valentines onesie on the Disney Baby blog. All you need is fabric paint, a plain onesie, and a DIY stencil she shows you how to make!

DIY Valentines onesie


See the complete DIY Valentines onesie tutorial here.

BABIES: DIY feather headband

Switching gears this month to show off some Thanksgiving and Christmas themed costumes and starting off with this adorable DIY feather headband created by Kelli Murray for her little one.  It’s an adorable way to dress up your lil’ turkey day fan in a simple way but still completely festive! She shows you how to make it using some elastic, metallic rope trim, felt, pom balls and feathers.

diy feather headband

Visit Kelly Murray for the full tutorial with additional pictures

BABIES: DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes

Shelley at How Does She? posted her tutorial for these DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes which have me seriously wishing I had twins to make these amazing costumes for!!  She said the striped leggings were actually women’s socks that she just cut the feet off of and the onesies were ordered from Ebay, but what absolutely makes the whole costume so great are the wigs she created by hot-glueing a blue feather boa to a babies knit cap!

DIY thing 1 & thing 2 costumes

See the full tutorial with pictures at How Does She?

ROUND UP: Awesome Halloween costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Here are 14 creatively awesome Halloween costumes that all involve food! Check ’em out…

14 Awesome food related Halloween costumes


1. Kid sushi costume

Food related halloween costumes

2. Bunch of grapes

3. Slice of pizza

Handmade Halloween costumes

4. Starbucks

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

5. Vegetable costumes

6. Donuts

DIY donut costume

7. Slurpees

Food related halloween costumes

8. S’mores

9. Candy Land

10. Spice Girls

Awesome Halloween costumes

11. Baby sushi costume

12. Dog Hostess costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

13. Jelly Belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

14. French baker

DIY french baker costume





BABIES: DIY fish costume

See Vanessa Craft created the most adorable fish costume ever for her baby girl Amelia!  She shares her amazingly easy tutorial that you will be able to follow even if you have very minimal sewing skills.  To create this costume you’ll need an infant sleeping gown, multiple colors of felt fabric, iridescent material, fabric glue, a small styrofoam ball, an infant headband, black sticky felt and a hot glue gun.  The result will have you hooked!

DIY fish costume

See the full tutorial with pictures for this DIY fish costume at See Vanessa Craft