BABY: DIY Owl Costume

Owls are so popular right now and what better way to dress up your little one this Halloween then with this super cute DIY Owl Costume from Killer B. Design.  This owl wings costume looks like it’s pretty simple to make using only felt, a scrap of fabric, ribbon plus a needle and thread and she topped it all off with a crocheted owl hat that she already had.  Such a cute design that you could make work for boy, girl or any other type of bird.

DIY Owl Costume

Check out the full picture tutorial at Killer B. Designs and see other owl costumes here.

BABIES: DIY grape costume

Craft Snob whipped up this adorable DIY grape costume for her baby. She made the hat out of a t-shirt and the body it made out of purple pom poms and stretchy purple material. You can either hot glue the pom poms onto the fabric or sew… your choice!


DIY grape costume


See the complete DIY baby grape tutorial at Craft Snob.

Couples: DIY Calvin and Hobbes Costume

I realize this is not exactly a couple, but it’s a couple of people… a mama and a sweet baby dressing up as Calvin and Hobbes! A well crafted party made herself a tiger hoodie with a black fabric marker and some cute ears. Hobbes just needs a red and black striped t-shirt and black pants! The blonde hair definitely helps too! Easy peasy!


Calvin and Hobbes costume

KIDS: Homemade bum costume

I know that not everyone will appreciate this costume, but I for one think it’s pretty clever! Nicole posted this picture on the Really Awesome Costumes facebook page, and said her 1 1/2 year old son really enjoyed pushing his candy in the cart versus carrying it! Another great thing, this is a no sew costume and if you live where it’s cold for Halloween, just add some layers to complete the look! They key elements to this costume are a beanie, a beard, flannel, and that grocery  cart filled plastic bags and gloves.


Homemade baby bum costume

So, do you think the homemade bum costume is appropriate or not? There was lots more discussion about it on this handmade kid costume round up post, if you’re interested!

KIDS: DIY Coppertone costume

This and the Starbuck’s frappuchino costumes are 2 of my very favorite handmade kid costumes! They’re so cute and clever! A Party Styled turned her blonde hair blue eyed baby into the iconic Coppertone baby with a tan body suit, blue undies, blue ribbons, and a stuffed dog! Ahhh-dooor-able and best of all, easy!

DIY coppertone baby costume

BABY: Handmade Thor Costume

Do you know who this is?

handamde thor costume

Amber made her little boy a handmade DIY costume for Halloween. How cute is he? And best of all, you can download her free baby Thor crochet helmet pattern right here

DIY Thor costume

20 Handmade baby costumes

Today is national baby day! And to celebrate I’m rounding up lots of really awesome handmade baby costumes! Baby costumes are easy to make, and best of all, most of these started with a onesie!

Handmade baby costumes

1. Flower

2. Octopus

Handmade baby octopus costume

3. Candy Corn

Handmade Halloween Costumes

4. Yellow polka dot bikini


5. Pumpkin


6. Wilson

Handmade Halloween Costumes

7. Game Boy

8. Sushi

handmade baby costume

9. Bag of Money

Homemade bag of money costume

10. Owl

11.  Superhero

12. Mickey Mouse

13. Kitty cat

Handmade Halloween Costumes

14. Turkey

15. Chef

16. Baby Bowie

Handmade Halloween Costumes

17. Fried egg

18. Parrot

19. Strong man

20. Here’s one for the baby still in the belly, Sun, Constellation, and Galileo couple costume

Pregnant Halloween Costume


Have you ever made a baby costume? I’d love to see some more ideas! And just to get your brain in Halloween gear… here are 29 DIY Halloween costume for kids, 29 handmade costumes for adults, 19 group costume ideas, and 36 animal themed costumes for kids and adults!


BABIES: DIY baby sushi costume

I love sushi! And I really love this itty bitty DIY baby sushi costume! The ginger and wasabi headband is adorable. It all started with a oneise and felt. You could hot glue or hand stitch the felt pieces onto the onesie.

diy baby sushi costume

See the full baby sushi costume details from Jenn. And here are lots of more baby costume ideas from onesies.

* If you liked this costume, be sure and check out the DIY sushi dog costume too!

BABIES: Octopus

Taylor from Taylor Made whipped up this clever little octopus creation for her sweet boy. And it all started with a onesie! She made an “octopus leg belt” our of an XL man’s t-shirt.

DIY baby octopus costume

I love the details of this costume… see the little suckers she glued to the bottom of the tentacles… cute!

Handmade baby octopus costume

See all of the baby octopus costume details on Taylor Made.

BABIES: Bag of Money

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection made this cute little bag of money out of a pillow case! She added a draw string and money sign to the pillow case, and crafted up the cash out of felt. I also love that Ashley turned herself into a robber! What an awesome mother/ baby costume!

Homemade bag of money costume

Check out all of the money bag and robber costume details at Domestic Imperfection.