Handmade Slurpee halloween costumes for kids

Char from Crap I’ve Made turned her cute kiddos into one of my favorite drinks, a Slurpee! She made the cup of the costumes out of automotive headliner fabric and lots latex paint! She downloaded the Slurpee font, and used her Silhouette to cut out a stencil for the letters. The straw is a pool noodle! I am super impressed with these life sized handmade Slurpee costumes!

Slurpee halloween costume

Check out Crap I’ve Made for more details on the handmade Slurpee costumes! This would make a fun group or couple costume too!

COUPLES: Big bad wolf and little red riding hood costumes

Claudia and her husband from Casa de Berry are halloween costume making pros! Check out this homemade big bad wolf and little red riding hood costume that scored them first place at a Halloween Party in 2006! Claudia says, “My husband made a mesh helmet and glued it to the top of the fur head. Then he cut up pieces of fur, glued them to his face, and made it fade it into the makeup.” She even went on to tell me that he did his own makeup! Claudia sewed his nightgown and cap. She also sewed her red cape.


handamde couple halloween costumesSee more of their Halloween costume awesomeness at Casa de Berry!

COUPLES: Waldo and Wenda Costumes

Jodi from Meaningful Mama is at it again… this time with a fun and easy couple costume. It’s Waldo and Wend from my beloved childhood books! Side note: Those books are genius, it kept me and siblings busy for hours searching for Waldo and the books he dropped! To make the costumes, Jodi and her husband used red fabric paint on plain white t-shirts. They purchased the glasses and beanies. You could also use red duck tape for the stripes, if you had that handy!

 Easy couple costume

Check out lots more handmade costumes by Jodi from the Meaningful Mama.

COUPLES: Bowler and Bowling Pin Costumes

Jodi and Meaningful Mama is a costume genius! (You can see her sweet Candy Land family costumes here.) Here’s what Jodi said, “I was really pregnant when I came up with this idea. I was really hoping I would make it to Halloween just so I could wear the costume! I made the bowling pin out of felt. I cut out the shape of the pin, sewed on the red stripes and sewed the two pieces together and cut out holes for my belly and face. I used wire hangers taken apart to make the structure stand tall.” Oh and of course she added 3 little felt dots to her bowling ball belly!

handmade pregnant couple costumes

And Jodi’s husband just found his shirt at Goodwill! Easy peasy and super cute!

COUPLES: Sun, Constellation, and Galileo Costume

It’s International Astronomy Day! And this costume is out of this world, ha! I couldn’t decide if this should be a couple costume or group, since it is technically for 3 people! Modern Kiddo holds a Halloween costume parade each year and this handmade pregnant Halloween costume was one of many really awesome costumes in the parade. You could use fabric glue to attach a felt sun to your belly. Pain Styrofoam balls to represent the planets and attach to your arms. Galileo just needs a black robe (a black graduation gown would be perfect) and a telescope!

Handmade Pregnant Halloween Costume

Did you dress up for Halloween when you were pregnant?

COUPLES: Mary Poppins and Bert Costumes

Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Mom put together these awesome handmade Mary Poppins and Bert costumes with items from her wardrobe and a few thrift store goodies. Her skirt, blouse, red bag, hat and Bert’s vest came from a thrift store.  Mary Poppins’s hat got a few coats of spray paint and some Dollar Store flowers! Oh and you might want to carry around a spoonful of sugar ; )

Mary Poppins and Bert Costumes

Check out the clever Mary Poppins and Bert adult costumes details at The Homebased Mom.

COUPLES: Fred and Wilma

Couple costumes can be super fun… or super cheesy! Andy clearly loved being Fred Flintstone. You have to admit we look pretty dang cute! And the best part, all you need for Wilma’s costume is a large white t-shirt, styrofoam craft balls, and orange hair spray.

Homemade Halloween Costume

See all of the handmade Fred and Wilma costume deets at C.R.A.F.T.

BABIES: Bag of Money

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection made this cute little bag of money out of a pillow case! She added a draw string and money sign to the pillow case, and crafted up the cash out of felt. I also love that Ashley turned herself into a robber! What an awesome mother/ baby costume!

Homemade bag of money costume

Check out all of the money bag and robber costume details at Domestic Imperfection.

COUPLE: Tourist and Sailor

This costume is the genius of my friend, Tabitha (AKA the sailor), she dressed Sabin up as a tourist with clothing items they had on hand. And you can certainly find these costume pieces at your local thrift store for super cheap too. You’ll definitely want to have a straw hat, graphic collared shirt, a camera, khaki pants, and white sneakers. Sabin is sporting orange crocs for his tourist outfit, but white sneakers are always a good bet!

Homemade couple costume

See all the really awesome tourist and sailor couple costume details at C.R.A.F.T.