COUPLES: DIY Pirate costumes

Foster to Forever crafted up these pirate costumes for her family before going on a Disney cruise where there was going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean night! I love that you can use the costumes for a Disney cruise or for Halloween. The essential pieces for the female pirate are a red and white striped shirt, black pants, red sash, black boots and course a pirate hat and patch! For the boy pirate you need a a white shirt, black pants, black boots, a red sash, bandana, an eye patch and an earring!

DIY Halloween costumes

See all of the couples pirate costume details on Foster to Forever!

COUPLES: DIY Lego people costumes

This is seriously one of the most awesome couples costumes I’ve seen in maybe… ever! Sew Woodsy handmade DIY lego people costumes! Katie did say they were pretty labor intensive and took 40+ hours of sweat and tears, but both of the costumes were made for only $30! That’s really awesome if you ask me! The handmade lego people were over 7 feet tall and Jon and Katie actually looked through the mouth of the costume. These costumes are sure to win you a prize in the costume contest!

DIY Lego costumes


For detailed instructions and tons more pictures, check out their blog, Sew Woodsy!

Couples: DIY Calvin and Hobbes Costume

I realize this is not exactly a couple, but it’s a couple of people… a mama and a sweet baby dressing up as Calvin and Hobbes! A well crafted party made herself a tiger hoodie with a black fabric marker and some cute ears. Hobbes just needs a red and black striped t-shirt and black pants! The blonde hair definitely helps too! Easy peasy!


Calvin and Hobbes costume

COUPLES: Handmade Pinterest costumes

Here’s a unique costume I bet you haven’t seen yet! It’s Pinterest board and Pin This! The handmade Pinterest couple costume attended a Halloween party at A well crafted party! It’s a fairly simple costume, you need a black dress and lots of square/ rectangular pictures pinned to your dress! The other half simply needs a sign that says, “Pin This”. Easy enough and super unique!

Handmade Pinterest costumes

COUPLES: DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

Chels from Buy me Love, crafted up these fun Wizard of Oz inspired costumes and even created a yellow brick road scene in the trunk of her car! Pretty dang cute, huh?! She said, “I made the hub’s costume from sweats, raffia and elastic. I sewed the hat with fleece scraps, and painted his face.” The Dorothy costume dress was bought and she added lace to the hem for length.  The yellow brick road and rainbow trunk scene was made from papers, glitter glues, fake poppies, paint, and a plastic tablecloth.


DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes

If you want to see more deets about the DIY Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes, check out Buy me Love.

COUPLES: DIY Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife costume

Love it or hate it, I know you’ve heard of Dog the Bounty Hunter! Creative blog spot shared a fun handmade version of the infamous Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth. All you need to make your very own Dog costume is a black shirt, jeans, a long blonde wig, one big earring, and of course, a badge hanging on a chain around your neck. To be Beth, you just need long blond hair (or wig!), tight shirt and jeans, a lei around your neck, and stuff a pillow in your  shirt! Voila!

DIY Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife costume

COUPLES: Handmade Peas and Carrots Costume

This is one cute (and yummy!) couple costume! Christine and her significant other hand made peas and carrots costumes. How awesome is that! The leafy green part of the carrot is made out of felt, bendy straws and the top of a plastic drink bottle. Genius, if you ask me! The body of both costumes are made out of felt. The USDA organic labels were made out of printable fabric sheets and hot glued on the felt costumes. Adorable!

Handmade Peas and Carrots Costume

See more pics and costume details, check out Christine’s blog, Unspeakable Visions.

COUPLES: Handmade Mermaid and Pirate Costumes

I shared the DIY adult mermaid costume deets yesterday, and today I’m showing you how Chelsea created a handmade pirate costume for the hubby! Here is what Chelsea had to say about how she put together the pirate costume, “My husband’s costume was a combo of thrift finds, torn, tattered and stained. We added some eyeliner and a scar, a tattoo sleeve found at the dollar store, some fake jewelry, and, believe it or not, that scarf on his head and wooden sword at his waist are both his.

I love that they are at a Halloween event called Trunk or Treat! Which means you dress up and then incorporate the trunk of your bar into part of your costume. Chelsea turned the trunk into a shell to go with her mermaid attire. She made the shell from 6 pieces of foam board, acrylic paint, glitter, and fishing line. She cut a stool-sized hole in the bottom half so I could sit in my shell. The “water” is an iridescent door curtain!


Handmade mermaid-and-pirate costumes

Awesome job, Chelsea! See more pictures at Chelsea’s blog.

COUPLES: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Kim from seven thirty three whipped up some really awesome handmade Mr. and Mrs. Potato head costumes for her and her husband. She made both costumes out of 3 yards of brown felt, elastic, hot glue and felt sheets for the facial features. Kim has a step by step tutorial for turning you and yours into a favorite child hood toy on her blog.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

COUPLES: Cruella Deville and Horace Costumes

Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Mom did it again (she also whipped up Mary Poppins and Bert costumes)! This time her and her husband created  these really awesome Cruella Deville and Horace costumes! The  Cruella Deville must haves include a black dress, tons of pearls, red gloves, black and white wig and a dalmatian coat. Leigh Ann is well, awesome and whipped the coat the morning of the big day! Horace is a little easier. He just needs a grey beanie, coat, and the net with a stuffed dalmatian is key!


handmade adult halloween costumes

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