COUPLES: DIY grumpy old couple costume

You definitely need a little attitude to pull off Morena’s Corner’s grumpy old man and woman costume! Pick up most of the pieces you need at a local thrift store. For the man, all you need is a vintage button-down and trousers; to make the look more authentic, leave the fly down and pull a little bit of the shirt through. For the woman, an old house coat or dress works fine. She used bubble wrap to create curves in all the right places!

DIY Grumpy Old Couple


COUPLES: I love Lucy costumes

Lovely indeed whipped up these Ricky and Lucy costumes from I Love Lucy! The suit and tie for Ricky is a must and Lucy must have the iconic hairstyle, apron, red lip stick, and those perfectly arched eyebrows! Then, just craft up a heart sign that says, “I Love Lucy”, just in case the party goers are still a little confused.


I love Lucy costumes

COUPLES: Raggedy Anne and Andy costume

The proper pinwheel crafted up this awesome Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy couples costume. Red yarn wigs and proper makeup are a must for this costume. The plaid shirts, white apron, and red bandana you can certainly find at a thrift store. Then, just add ruffle suspenders to Raggedy Andy’s shirt with pins or tape!

Raggedy Anne and Andy costume


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COUPLES: Forrest Gump and Jenny costume

Forrest Gump is one of my all time favorite movies, so I’m pretty excited to share this DIY Forrest Gump and Jenny costume idea with y’all. The costume idea and beautiful pictures are from Mary Costa. I think the key elements of this costume are the plaid shirt and red hat for Forrest and the flower headband, instrument, and hippie dress for Jenny! It’s perfect!

Forrest Gump and Jenny costumeSee lots more details of this creative couples costume on Mary Costa.

COUPLES: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s tacky Christmas sweater party time! And I’ve got a great ugly sweater set for ya today. It’s a DIY Texas themed tacky sweater set, complete with cacti, a giant Texas flag, and of course, Christmas lights! All you need is a pair of thrift store sweaters and Tulip fabric paint to recreate these masterpieces. This lovely sweater set is extra special because Jamie is pregnant, and if you look closely, the giant ornament on her sweater has 3 cacti on it to represent her, her husband, and the baby in the belly. Aww…

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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COUPLES: Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes

I don’t know about y’all, but I love Ms. Frizzle and the awesome adventures she takes her class on in the Magic School Bus! Julia whipped up this really awesome Mrs. Frizzle dress and made her significant other the magic school bus with a yellow tee and an iron on transfer of a bus. Genius! I love that Julia made the sun and planets removable so that she could get more use out of her dress after Halloween is over!

Clever DIY couple costume


See more of the Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes details on her blog, Stars and Sunshine!

COUPLES: Bob Ross and Happy Tree costume

This is actually more than a couple costume, it’s a family costume! Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. is 19 weeks pregnant and that’s why she included the little squirrel in her happy tree. Bob Ross is really easy to make, all of the clothes came from the closet and she made him a pallet out of cardboard and bought the brown afro. The happy little tree started as an XL men’s t-shirt and the squirrel is made of felt! The fall leaf garland got chopped into 5 strips and made into a headpiece, bracelets, and shoulder pieces.

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Halloween costume


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COUPLES: iPhone and Apple Genius costume

Every iPhone needs an Apple Genius, right?! This awesome iPhone costume was crafted up by Felt So Cute from well, felt! I love that she even included a Words with Friends app on her iPhone! She created 20 felt square apps and hot glued them to a solid piece of black felt that went over her head. For the Apple Genius, she sued her Silhouette machine to cut out an apple and adhered it to a blue t-shirt and added a lanyard of course!


iPhone and Apple Genius costume


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COUPLES: DIY bandit costume

This fun, easy DIY bandit costume idea is courtesy of Say Yes to Hoboken.  Grab a black and white striped shirt, black pants and black beanie (snow hat) from your closet then pair it with a canvas tote you’ve painted a dollar symbol on plus whip up at mask (or buy one) and you’ve got yourself an easy last minute DIY costume!

DIY bandit costume

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COUPLES: Lighting and lighting strikes costumes

Here’s a super clever DIY couples costume, lighting and lighting strikes costumes! Julie Ann Art most likely made the lighting bold out of cardboard and fabric, and cut a hole for her dudes head. Her costume is a simple ripped up white button up shirt with black stains, static hair and of course a torn up umbrella!

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