COUPLES: Starbucks couples costume

Kourtney and her friend crafted up this adorable Starbucks frappuchino and barista couples costume! The DIY barista costume is simple, just ask your local Starbucks for an apron and pick up a black visor! The DIY frappucnio is a little trickier. I’d use poster board to make the cylinder cup and beige felt to make the whip cream! The green straw could be made out of an empty paper towel holder! Love this DIY Starbucks couples costume for kids or adults!


Starbucks couples costume

COUPLES: Peanut Butter and Jelly costume

Now, here’s a clever DIY couple costume idea… dress up as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! The best part is that all you need to do is make 2 pieces of bread and strap it to your back! Then one person wears all brown and one person wears all purple or red.  Personally, I’d be raspberry jam! Yum and cute!

Peanut Butter and Jelly costume


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COUPLES: DIY Price is Right costumes

Who doesn’t love the game show, Price is Right? Here is a fun and easy Price is Right couple costume idea… Make the price board out of cardboard and paint. Craft up a t-shirt and make sure to add the yellow price tag shaped name tag! To be Drew Carey, wear a suit, bow tie, black rimmed glasses, and make sure your rocking a goatee and a microphone!

DIY Price is Right costumes(Image source)


COUPLES: Saved by the bell costume

As a child of the 90’s, I loved the TV show, Saved by the Bell! This Saved by the Bell costume would be a simple couples costume would be pretty easy to throw together last minute. For the Kelly costume, if you have long brown hair, your one stop ahead of the gang! Then raid your closet  for a jean jacket and a tight floral skirt. As for Zach, a pair of acid washed jeans and a striped tee doest he trick! If nothing else, take a trip to a thrift store for some awesome 90s clothes. That giant portable phone is a must for the Zach Morris costume!

Saved by the bell costumes(Image source)


COUPLES: DIY royal wedding costumes

Babies dressed up as Prince William and Princess Kate… does it get any cuter?! Gina is the mastermind behind these adorable kid costumes! Baby Princess Kate just needs a white lacy dress and veil and Prince William needs a red coat with felt additions and a pair of black pants. No shoes necessary!

DIY royal wedding costumes


See more of Gina’s amazing work on her photography website or follow her on instagram.

COUPLES: DIY Popcorn and a movie costume

A Penny filled pantry crafted up some awesome retro Halloween costumes for her kiddos. Kids these days have never even heard of a VHS! (Side note: VHS stands for Video Home System) I also love that she used simple cardboard boxes and spray paint to make these costumes.

DIY Popcorn and a movie costume


See lots more pictures and the full DIY popcorn and a movie costume tutorial here.

COUPLES: DIY Rainbow Brite and Twink

Pink Suede Shoe sewed the most adorable twink costume you’ll ever see! And then she dressed up as Rainbow Brite for a super cute mother/ daughter Halloween costume! The twink costume consists of rainbow leggings, a red onesie, and a hand sewn fluffy cloud! Pink Suede Shoes used Simplicity pattern 2288 combined a pumpkin costume with the hood of lamb! She has all of the details, pictures, and complete instructions to make your very own DIY Rainbow Brite and twink costumes over at Pink Suede Shoe!

DIY twink costume

COUPLES: If you give a mouse a cookie costume

I love the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… and what a fun costume idea to do with a friend, significant other or even a mom/baby costume! The DIY mouse costume is made mostly out of felt, and the DIY cookie costume is made out of a brown paper bag. So not only is the idea adorable, one of the costumes is even recycled!


If you give a mouse a cookie costume


See the complete tutorial for the DIY Mouse and Cookie costume on Instructables!

COUPLES: DIY Cast away costumes

Want to win a couples costume contest this Halloween?  Here’s a gold medal winning idea… DIY cast away costumes! Dress you and your honey up as the FedEx employee and Wilson from Cast Away! You’ll need to make a giant paper mache sphere to be Wilson and add the iconic red Wilson face. The Fed Ex employee needs to work on his beard growth from now until Halloween! Or just craft one up with makeup! Make a “skirt” out of a brown paper bag, and be sure to carry a FedEx package!

DIY Cast away costume(Image source)


COUPLES: DIY Popeye and Olive Oyl Costumes

Morena’s Corner used things from her closet to whip up DIY Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes for her and her husband. For Olive Oyl, she attached pieces of lace to the collar and sleeves of a red long sleeved t-shirt. Popeyes costume also started as a blue t-shirt with yellow felt buttons she sewed on. I love how she made the muscles out of panty hose and the pipe from a corn on the cob!

DIY Popeye and Olive Oyl