KIDS: DIY football costume

Design Dazzle whipped up an clever version of a DIY football costume that includes the very best part of football, the touchdown! And she made it from 2 dollar store green turf mats! Genius!

DIY football costume


See lots more pictures and the complete tutorial here.

KIDS: DIY Maklemore costume

Chandra crafted up a DIY Halloween costume based on the popular song, Thrift Store, for her little one! The key piece to the DIY Maklemore costume is of course, a fur coat! The gold chain is a must too.

DIY Maklemore costume

See lots more pictures and costume details at Oh Lovely Day.

KIDS: DIY hipster costume

Oh Happy Day put together a creative DIY hipster costume for a kiddo!  The key to the hipster costume is temporary tattoos and glasses! Most everything else you can probably find in your kids closet. It’s just a matter of putting it all together!

DIY hipster costume


For the complete DIY hipster costume tutorial, click here.

KIDS: DIY Robot costume

Jamie whipped up this amazing DIY robot costume for her son. I love that she used dryer vents for his arms and legs! How creative is that! She used spray adhesive to attach the tin foil to the boxes and red solo cups for the side of the robots head.

DIY Robot costume

See the complete DIY robot tutorial at Roubinek Reality!

KIDS: DIY Queen Elsa costume

Sarah made her daughters day with this DIY Queen Elsa costume!  Her daughter won’t “let it go, let it go”… she wears the Elsa dress all day, every day! I love that the costume actually started out as an apron. That means it will fit for much longer! See the full costume tutorial and lots more pictures  here.

DIY Queen Elsa costume

KIDS: DIY Alfalfa costume

Everyone remembers Alfalfa, who had a crush on Darla, from the movie, The Little Rascals, right?! This is fun and simple DIY Alfalfa costume is easy to put together with pieces from your kiddos closet and a bow tie (you can pick one of these up at any thrift store). Make sure you add freckles with an eyeliner pencil, part his hair down the middle, and stick up the single piece with moose and hairspray in the back! Adorable!

DIY Alfalfa costumeSee more DIY costumes from the viewers of abc15 here.

KIDS: DIY Zoltar costume

The DIY Zoltar costume would be a great kid or adult costume! Sadly, I bet a lot of kids don’t remember Zoltar! I remember it from the movie, Big. This is another really awesome handmade costume by Arlene (who also made this amazing DIY airplane costume). She used the same technique with cardboard and butcher paper and used duct tape, staples, and a glue gun to adhere the pieces to one another. I love that her DIY Zoltar costume even has a paper fortunes card coming out of the slot! (Fun fact: Zoltar had 16 spoken fortunes and 23 paper fortunes!)

DIY Zoltar costume

KIDS: DIY Sushi costume

Love sushi? How about a crafting up a DIY Sushi costume for your kiddos? This is one impressive costume, and I love that  Style me pretty has detailed instructions about how to make this handmade sushi costume. It all starts with circles of cardboard wrapped in white fabric! Oh and don’t forget the ginger and wasabi headband!

DIY Sushi costume


For lots more pictures and costume instructions check out Style me Pretty.

KIDS: DIY Airplane costume

Arlene, a Really Awesome Costumes reader, sent in this adorable DIY airplane costume she made for her nephew. She made the costume out of cardboard, butcher paper and mod podge. To attach the cardboard pieces to each other she uses whatever it takes: glue gun, staples, and duct tape! You can see the red duct tape she used to attach the back portion of the plane!

This adorable airplane costume even won Chace an opportunity to be an honorary Virgin Atlantic captain for the day at LAX! How neat is that?!

DIY Airplane costume

KIDS: DIY My little pony costume

My little ponies were all the rage back in my day! I’m happy to see that they are makin’ a come back! Sugar Tart Crafts has 12 detailed tutorials about how to make this adorable DIY my little pony costume! I love how the costume turned out and what a fun dress up costume for after Halloween?!

DIY My little pony costumeHere is the first of twelve tutoirals to make the DIY my little pony costumes!