KIDS: DIY Gumball machine costume

The DIY Studio whipped up this adorable kids DIY gumball machine costume! She used a vinyl shower curtain as the plastic pouch that covers the gum balls (or felt balls)! This costume requires some sewing, but it’s totally worth the work! You can see the complete costume tutorial over at the DIY Studio.

DIY Gumball machine costume

Oh and here’s another version of a kids DIY gumball machine costume that uses a plastic bowl as the gumball cover!


KIDS: DIY Earth and Sun costumes

LoriMessFlint crafted up these DIY Earth and Sun costumes for her kiddos for Halloween costume contest! How fun are these costumes for siblings…genius!? I know that the kids would have a blast helping make these paper mache costumes too! After you create the paper mache spheres, use puff paint to paint on the details! Don’t forget to glue little astronauts on the moon and use foam to glue the rays of sunshine to the sun!

DIY Earth and Sun costumes

KIDS: DIY Nacho Libre costume

Morena’s Corner crafted up this adorable Nacho Libre costume for her son. She re-used her daughters Wonder Woman red bodysuit and cut the skirt off. Then she sewed on red patches to blue pajama pants and voila… meet Nacho Libre! Oh and don’t forget the mustache!

DIY Nacho Libre costume


See all of the DIY Nacho Libre costume details over at Morena’s Corner.

KIDS: DIY penny costume

Art Can’t Hurt whipped up this super cute DIY penny costume for her son. The best part is that this costume is made out of recycled materials. She used a large cardboard circle and cut out cardboard letters for the penny details. Abraham Lincoln has a brown felt beard, and she used bronzer to give his face a copper tone. Part your hair on the side and wear a gold toned coat and voila penny costume!

DIY penny costume

For more DIY penny costume details check out Art Can’t Hurt! Oh and if you’re looking for more money costume ideas, here is a cute mom and baby bag of money and robber costume!


KIDS: DIY marathon costume

Get your little one on the exercise train early with a DIY marathon costume! I love that you probably have mpst of the things to make this costume on hand! You’ll just need work out wear… and the sweat bands are a must! Then pin a number card to the kiddos chest and back and voila… marathon costume complete!

DIY Marathon costume


(Image course: American Apparel)

KIDS: DIY Green lantern costume

Heather whipped up super hero costumes as party favors for her son’s birthday. What a cool mom! The diy green lantern costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is made out of felt and Heather has a step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns.

DIY Green Lantern Costume See lots more DIY green lantern costume pictures here.


KIDS: Wheelchair ice cream truck costume

I love that the dad of this kiddo turned his son’s wheelchair into an ice cream truck! The wheelchair ice cream truck costume is complete with ice cream cones, bunting on the window, and an ice cream hat for the little boy! The wheelchair costume even has a rear view mirror and custom decals!  This would certainly take some time, but totally doable with a little card board and paint!

Wheelchair ice cream truck costume

(Image source)


KIDS: Gumball machine costume

Randi crafted up a clever gum ball machine costume for her little girl! Best of all, she used things from the dollar store. The plastic gum ball holder… that’s just a one dollar plastic bowl! Genius!

Gumball machine costume

See lots more pictures and the step by step tutorial over at Dukes and Duchesses.

KIDS: Homemade jellyfish costume

Ciana turned her little girl into a jellyfish for Halloween. All you need for this homemade jellyfish costume is an umbrella and crepe paper! I love that you could do this costume in any color. It’s also a great last minute costume since you probable most of items at home!

Homemade jellyfish costume

KIDS: Handmade crowns

Prudent baby whipped up these adorable handmade crowns made out of fabric. Perfect for a princess Halloween costume or for dress up any day of the week. I love that she has a link to the free downloadable crown templates she used and that the crowns will keep their shape for years to come!


Handmade crowns

For lots more pictures and ideas to make fabric crowns check out Prudent Baby.