KIDS: Handmade zebra costume

This is a no sew zebra costume, y’all! Baby Gizmo crafted this awesome handmade zebra costume out of a black hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, duck tape, and craft foam. I think it would be super cute to have the fam dress up as the zoo, you could have a zebra, lion, tiger, panda and an elephant! Cute!

Handmade zebra costume

See the full tutorial and lots more zebra costume pictures at Baby Gizmo.

KIDS: Handamde Shark costume

Jill from Create Craft Love whipped up this really awesome handmade shark costume for her son. I love that this costume could be worn again for Shark week on the Discovery channel!

Handamde Shark costumeCheck out the complete tutorial at Create Craft Love.


KIDS: DIY Frozen Costumes

Have you ever heard the song “Let it Go”? Of course you have! Like it or not, it is everywhere and kids love it! Here are a few fun DIY Frozen costumes for you and the kiddos to make together for dress up or for Halloween! Debra from Housewife Eclectic whipped up this DIY Anna cloak with pink fleece and black pom pom’s! See the complete Frozen costume details here.

DIY Frozen Costumes



And here’s a DIY Elsa cape:

DIY Frozen Princess cape


And here is a DIY Frozen princess dress tutorial!

DIY Frozen princess costume


KIDS: Pig in a blanket costume

This is a great costume for a sleepy kiddo who loves to be cozy, and for mama that doesn’t want to sew or spend a fortune on a costume! All you need for the pig in a blanket costume is a pig eared headband, a pink pair of pants and shirt, and a pig nose. Oh and of course you’ll need a blanket! See all of the costume making details on Real Simple.

Pig in a blanket costume

KIDS: DIY Pinata costume

Parties for pennies crafted up an awesome (and super simple) DIY pinata costume using a paper bag and crepe paper. Genius! I also love the little sign she added, “Fill with candy here!” This costume is no sew and costs under $5 bucks to make… perfect!

DIY Pinata costume


Oh and if you liked this costume post, be sure and check out this DIY dog pinata costume and handmade adult pinata costume too!

KIDS: DIY Firefighter costume

Parties for Pennies turned her little boys into firefighters with some simple items you most likely have at home! You’ll need black pants, shoes, a white t-shirt, and yellow Duck Tape. Oh and of course red fire fighter hats!

DIY Firefighter costumeFor the full DIY firemen costume tutorial, check out Parties for Pennies.


ADULTS: No sew bunny ears

These super cute no sew bunny ears are perfect for everyone! And best of all, they are so easy to make you can make them for everyone! One little minute whipped these up with a hot glue gun, felt, a headband, and blush! Yep, blush like you put on your face! Aren’t the fun?

No sew bunny ears

See the full no sew bunny ears tutorial here.

KIDS: DIY Gumball machine costume

Parcel post crafted up a gumball machine for their son for Halloween. The gum ball machine even worked and a gum ball came could be pushed out of the dispenser when the wheel turned. How awesome is that? There are not detailed instructions about how the costume was made, but I think it would be easiest (and lightest) to make it out of cardboard and paint!

DIY Gumball machine costume

KIDS: DIY Frozen Princess cape

Cami from Tidbits whipped up this awesome DIY Frozen princess costume for Make It and Love It. Best of all, it’s a no sew costume, y’all! Your little girl can sing “Let it Go” and dance around the house in her handmade Elsa cape. Another great thing about this project is that the kiddos can help! Win win!

DIY Frozen Princess cape


See all of the DIY Frozen Princess cape details here.

KIDS: DIY Frozen princess costume

Kim over at Seven Thirty Three created this amazing DIY Frozen princess costume inspired by Elsa. She made a circle skirt and a simple top for her daughter to sing “Let is go” at a school talent show! Oh and Queen Elsa got second place at the talent show! Nice work  ladies (on both the costume and the singing)!

DIY Frozen princess costume


See all of the costume details here.